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CONIFA World Cup to be held in North Macedonia

Today, the Confederation of Independent Football Associations has announced that the CONIFA World Cup 2020 will be held in Skopje, North Macedonia.

According to CONIFA, the competition will be between 16 teams, with qualifications decided by the end of December 2019. YPT hopes to be supporting the likes of Somaliland, Kurdistan, Transnistria and South Ossetia, as well as Pacific island nations like Kiribati and Tuvalu if they qualify!

Previously, the tournament was going to be held in Africa’s unrecognized country par excellence – Somaliland, but CONIFA reported logical and technical issues meant a new host was required.

For YPT this is exciting news, not only are we avid football fans but we have just signed a partnership with CONIFA and will be running tours to watch some of the matches and exploring North Macedonia and the wider Balkan region.

Our annual Ultimate Yugoslavia tour runs through Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Kosovo, and Albania and for 2020 the tour will incorporate the CONIFA World Cup Final in Macedonia! Will it be between Transnistria and Cornwall? South Ossetia and Romani people? Time will tell, but whoever qualifies it is guaranteed to be a world cup to remember!

Or if you fancy a football match like no other on the other side of the world, then join YPT in Pyongyang to watch the FIFA World Cup qualifier between North Korea and Turkmenistan as well as exploring stadia, football colleges and parks in Pyongyang!

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