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Top 5 Holidays to Celebrate in North Korea

While North Korea is an incredible place to visit at any time, there is something extraordinary about visiting during a national holiday.

North Korea currently has 37 Public holidays, and they are often celebrated with fireworks, mass dancing, and other celebratory events.

Here is a list of our top 5 National Holidays to celebrate in North Korea with us!

5. Party Foundation Day (October 10th)

Party Foundation day is the day when North Korea celebrates the founding of the Workers’ Party of Korea. Often mass rallies are held along with mass dancing and the potential for a fireworks show.

The autumn has some of the best weather in Korea as well as fewer tourists then the busy summer tourism season and party foundation day coincide with our annual visit to the legendary Mount Kumgang.

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4. National Day (September 9th)

Marking the founding day of North Korea, this is one of the country’s biggest holidays. Fireworks, Mass Dancing is always a staple on this day and typically the country also schedules a massive Military parade that is able to be attended by tourists.

2018 also saw the return of the Mass Games to mark North Korea’s 70th anniversary. While there is no word on if the games will return for 2019 , if they do this holiday will surely be one of the biggest events in North Korea two years in a row.

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3. Victory Day (July 27)

Celebrating the day the armistice was signed that ended the Korean war in a truce, this is one of the best times to be in Pyongyang. The weather is warm, the days are long and typically the evening is spent watching (or participating) in a mass dance accompanied by fireworks.

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2. May Day (May 1st)

May is one of the best times to visit North Korea by far as the weather is absolutely perfect to take in all of the festivities. Celebrating International Workers day this is one of the best chances to join local Pyongyangites for a day of dancing, sports, eating and drinking.

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1. Kim Il Sung Birthday (April 15th)

The Biggest and most important holiday in North Korea by far is the birthday of Kim Il Sung known as “Day of the sun” in North Korea.

Koreans begin the day by paying respects to various monuments and statues around the city as well as trips to his Mangyondae his native home and Kumsusan Palace of the sun which is the final resting place of Kim Il Sung. As the day progresses people head to local parks and restaurants to enjoy their time off before heading down to Kim Il Sung square to watch a spectacular firework performance.

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