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Nightlife of Nauru?

What is the nightlife of Nauru? I have already written a hell of a lot about Nauru, including reviews of most of the bars, but it appears I have as of yet not done a rundown of the Nauru nightlife.

I therefore present in all its glory a guide to the nightlife of Nauru!

What is Nauru?

Nauru is the least visited country in the world, smallest republic and most remote nation on the planet.

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As a nation of 10,000 Christian people you’d therefore not expect there to be much of a nightlife. If this was what you were expecting, you will not be disappointed. There really isn’t much of a nightlife.

Most of the food is Chinese

When we say most, we mean it, and not exactly good Chinese food either. Although speaking Chinese comes in site useful here. There are 30+ bad Chinese food restaurants and 2 non-Chinese restaurants. There is also one Chinese restaurant that serves good western food.

Nightlife of Nauru
Jules on Deck

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Nightlife of Nauru – where can you drink?

Yes you can, but not on Sundays or any other religions, or public holiday. There are two liquor stores and exactly 4 bars. Yes you read that correctly, 4 bars. Many of the restaurants also serve alcoholic drinks, but most you would not call bars. One exception or middle ground here is Anabare Restaurant. This is a Chinese joint that serves Rum and Coke, as well as good western food

What are the 4 bars on Nauru?

We shall do this from bad to good!

The Od’n Aiwo Hotel Bar – Famously has pokeys, but not always has beer. This bar has the most depressing atmosphere on the island. It holds the distinction of the 4th best bar on the island.

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Nightlife of Nauru Od'n Aiwo Hotel
Bar at the Od’n Aiwo Hotel

Reef Bar – A decent place, and essentially the only nightclub on the island. This is the place that parties on the weekend. On Fridays they stay open until 1 am! Oh can can you imagine! Part of the Hotel Menem.

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Jules on Deck – The only  local bar on the islands and they even have their own cocktail, the Nauru Sunset. It’s the only place to host live music. Were they to open regularly, they would probably be the best on the island.

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Bayview Bar and Restaurant –  Simultaneously the best restaurant and bar on the island. Where most of the expats hang out on and by far the biggest cocktail list. I have pent many an eying here drinking a gin and tonic or two! Also within walking distance of the Hotel Menem, so the best bet for tourists visiting the island.

Can you do a Nauru pub crawl?

Yes, yes you can! There are after all 4 bars. You will need a vehicle though, or be one of those kinds of people that don’t mind drinking and running. Not my bad, but each ad all to their own.

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Nightlife on Nauru – celebrating New Year

2020/2021 was the first New Year we were not in Nauru for a while. Typically, it involves a countdown at the Hotel Menem, jumping in the pool fully clothed and if you are really lucky gatecrashing a local party.

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So, that is the nightlife  of Nauru, not amazing, but enough to keep you entertained when you visit Nauru.

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