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As the least visited country on earth you will find fairly scant information about travel to Nauru. In fact, there are no indigenous agencies currently offering tours to Nauru, and very few international companies that specialize in travel to Nauru. Once again, we aim for a YPT first.

In 2017 we ran our first ever “Least Visited Countries Tour”, which involved us spending 5 days, inclusive of New Years Eve in Nauru, something we will be keeping as a yearly part of the YPT schedule. We are also now pleased to announce that we can offer independent tours to Nauru.

Why visit Nauru?

From a traditional tourist perspective, there is not that much to attract people to Nauru, bar the fishing (which is excellent), but for our brave Pioneers we know that the fact that it is the least visited country in the world makes it cool enough

Nauru is also home to some fabulous WW2 relics, you can walk around the country in a mere few hours, and as home to the controversial Australian refugee problem, is a contemporary hotspot of amazing interest.

Find out more about what it’s like to visit here. 

Independent Travel to Nauru

Tour guide in Nauru

We offer full day guided tours (inclusive of driver for $110 a day.) Our guides are of excellent quality, and can tell you about all aspects of the island, especially answering the difficult questions.

Many say there isn’t much to do in Nauru, but YPT can happily design a great itinerary that will have you buys doing stuff throughout your time here.nauru

Hotels in Nauru

Menen Hotel – The most famous hotel in Nauru, boasting a great restaurant, one of the best bars/clubs and a saltwater swimming pool. We actually spent our new years eve here. $80-120 per room

Budapest Hotel – The newest, most expensive, and cleanest hotel on the island. The location here is not great, and you will require transport, or a driver. The Budapest Hotel can provide invitation letters for Australian residents. $150-300 per room.

Od’n Aiwo – The third hotel in Nauru, and the lowest quality of rooms. There is a Chinese restaurant connected to it, and a bar (that currently doesn’t serve any booze).

There are rumours of a 4th hotel to open soon, near the beachfront, which we shall be monitoring!

Getting a visa for Nauru

For most nationalities, we can easily arrange a visa to Nauru, which we get pre-approved and you can print prior to your trip.

For citizens of and residents of Australia and New Zealand, we will need a local partner to provide a letter of invitation, which may affect the choice of hotel we need to use.

Traveling to Nauru with Young Pioneer Tours

To join our 2018 least visited countries tour, or to arrange an independent tour to Nauru please get in touch for a quote.