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Nauru is the least visited country on earth, and is located in Micronesia east of Kiribati. Unlike many of the other island nations in Oceania, Nauru consists of only one island made from phosphate rock. It has a population of around 11,000 people and is the third smallest country on earth (with Monaco and Vatican City being the first and second smallest). Ever since we ran our first ever “Least Visited Countries Tour” back in 2017, YPT has distinguished itself as one of very few international tour operators specializing in travel to Nauru.

Why visit Nauru?

Though at first glance, we understand the fact Nauru is the least visited country in the world, is reason enough to visit. However, from a traditional tourist perspective, Nauru is home to some fabulous WW2 relics such as the remains of Japanese guns, bunkers, prisons, and pillboxes.

All of these, as well as the beautiful scenery of the island’s coast and Buada lagoon located in its interior. Our travellers can also get a glimpse of how this tiny island country’s government operates by visiting the parliament and office of the president.

YPT Footage from Nauru

Our tours also give you the option to drive, cycle or walk around an entire country. Driving would take around 25 minutes, but what’s the fun in that? Walking the entire island takes around 6 hours but you will come across some of the best scenery in the South Pacific, along with some of the earlier mentioned war relics.

The seafood in Nauru is sublime! Seafood is very popular, with most restaurants offering delicious choices. You’ll find plenty of fresh mussels and oysters, but you can eat pretty much whatever you fancy from the ocean. There are also several well regarded Chinese food restaurants, as well as other options for international cuisine. Combine all of this with a few drinks, golden sands and crystal clear waters, it makes for the perfect remote island paradise setting.

Read more about what it’s like to visit Nauru here.

Independent Travel to Nauru

We offer full day guided tours with our experienced guides. With us you’ll be able to explore every last inch of this island as well as delve into the Nauruan culture. Our guides are especially open to explaining the recent controversial issues that Nauru have faced over the last few years. They’ll also happily answer any difficult questions you may have about these issues.

Many say there isn’t much to do here, but YPT will happily design you a stacked itinerary for you to make the most out of your time on the island.

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Nauru Airlines

Getting to Nauru

Being the world’s least visited country, one might imagine that the flights to Nauru are somewhat limited. As of now, the only airline operating flights to Nauru is the country’s national airline, Nauru Airlines.

The current arrival schedule of flights to Nauru is as follows:

Brisbane > Nauru – Thursdays and Sundays

Koror, Palau > Nauru – Saturdays

Majuro, Marshall Islands > Nauru – Saturdays

Nadi, Fiji > Nauru – Sundays

Pohnpei > Nauru – Saturdays

Tarawa > Nauru – Saturdays, Mondays

The current schedule of flights departing from Nauru is as follows:

Nauru > Brisbane – Sunday, Saturday, Monday

Nauru > Christmas Island, Cassidy – Mondays

Nauru > Koror – Fridays

Nauru > Majuro – Fridays

Nauru > Nadi – Thursdays, Saturdays

Nauru > Pohnpei – Friday

Nauru > Tarawa – Mondays, Fridays

Getting a visa for Nauru

For most nationalities, YPT can prepare your letter of invitation (LOI) for you to receive your visa on arrival to Nauru.

Travelling to Nauru

We operate group tours to the pacific islands twice a year in the summer and winter on our Least Visited Countries tour.

Alternatively, we can arrange an independent tour to the country. Please get in touch for a quote.

Our standard itinerary generally runs 3 nights, 4 days, but can be adjusted according to your interests, budget and flight schedule.

Day 1 – Arrive in Nauru

  • Arrive into Nauru in the evening (majority of scheduled flights arrive late in the day)
  • On arrival in Nauru, meet your local guide, transfer to the Menen Hotel for dinner and drinks.
  • Overnight at the Menen Hotel

Day 2 – Nauru


  • The Island Ring Road tour is a great introduction to the Nauru, and our local guides will take you to Nauru’s main hotspots and will relate the history and stories of each stop, including Anibare Bay, Pinnacle Rocks, Ewa Beach, Arubo Catholic Church, Christian Missionary Monument, and Buada Lagoon.


  • Lunch break at Anibare Boat Harbour restaurant for some Nauru-style Chinese cuisine. Believe it, or not 8% of people in Nauru are Chinese, and that means great quality food.
  • After lunch, you will continue the Island Ring Road tour, topside tour included, with the final spot at Western Bay to see the sunset before dinner and drinks at the Menen Hotel.
  • Overnight at the Menen Hotel.

Day 3 – Nauru


  • Ever walked around an entire country? Ok, maybe you have, but have you ever done it in one day? Nauru is the only country in the world where it is genuinely possible to do this in a few hours! It’s about a 6 hour walk at a gentle pace. For those feeling slightly less energetic, we can arrange for scooter rental at an extra charge.


  • Back out with our local guides and visit the Naoero museum, the national museum of Nauru. Whilst Nauru is famous for being a country without a capital, it does have a capital village, and we head there to check out the parliament building, high court, and even peek into the President’s office.
  • Dinner and drinks at Bayview restaurant, widely considered to be the best bar and restaurant on the island.
  • Overnight at the Menen Hotel.

Day 4 – Nauru


  • For your last day in Nauru, you’ll will visit Command Ridge, the highest point on the island and the site of some incredibly well-preserved Japanese cannons from WWII. You will also visit a former phosphate facility to learn more about Nauru’s phosphate mining industry, as well as the remnants of an imperialist Japanese prison.


  • After lunch at Blue Ocean Chinese restaurant, we will visit the Post Office (who does not want a post card from the world’s least visited country?) and Capelle shopping centre for fridge magnets, mugs and other souvenirs.
  • Evening flight out of Nauru.

Nauru Frequently Asked Questions

Every aspect of your Nauru visa is taken care of by us. Once your payment is made and all of your documents are received, we will work with our partners in Nauru to process your Letter of Invitation, which you will then present to customs upon arrival in Nauru to obtain your visa-on-arrival. The maximum length you can stay in Nauru on a tourist visa is 30 days. Russian Federation passport holders enjoy visa-free entry to Nauru. Click here to read our extensive guide on how to obtain your visa to visit Nauru.
At this time, proof of COVID-19 vaccination is no longer required to apply for a Nauru Letter of Invitation or enter the country.
Yes. Nauru is extremely safe for foreign travelers. In our seven years of bringing tourists to Nauru, we have never seen any instances of petty crime, and the streets are safe to walk at any time of day. Locals are friendly and generally happy to meet tourists.
While Nauru did receive criticism several years ago for housing detention centers for refugees seeking asylum in Australia, the program is now largely defunct with the Refugee Council of Australia reporting that 54 refugees remained on Nauru as of March, 2024. With the winding down of the refugee program, Nauru is now looking for other sources of income and while tourist numbers are still low, contributing to the growth of the tourism sector in this small country.
Being a tropical island, there is no bad time to visit Nauru! However, February-November experiences the least amount of precipitation and ocean winds cool the island considerably. Our summer Least Visited Countries tour falls during this period, and we can arrange private tours year-round. That said, while our Winter Least Visited Countries group visits during the rainy season, we have never experienced any tour interruptions heard any complaints about the weather!
We run two iterations of our famous “Least Visited Countries” group tour each year, once in July-August and again in December-January, which visits 11 countries in just under one month, including Nauru. There are also direct flights on Air Nauru via Brisbane, Koror, Tarawa, Nadi, Pohnpei and Majuro.
As a client state of Australia, Nauru uses the Australian dollar (AUD). We recommend bringing AUD with you, but there are also ATMs located at the airport and the Menen Hotel, and larger institutions such as the The Bay Restaurant and Menen Hotel accept credits cards.
For our “Least Visited Countries” tours, we tend to cap our group sizes at 20. However, we can accommodate and arrange private tours for groups of any size.
There is a wide variety of cuisine available on Nauru ranging from international cuisine like pizza and burgers to Chinese to locally caught seafood. For vegans and vegetarians, there are vegetarian options such as salads, curries and vegetable dishes.
Pack light clothes, a bathing suit, hat, sunglasses and plenty of sunscreen!
Yes. Alcohol is served in the restaurant at the Menen Hotel, as well as other international restaurants on the island. There is also a bottle shop located Capelle Super Market, aptly called The Bottle Shop.
Tipping is not generally expected in Nauru, but after experiencing the country with our skilled local guides, they would be very flattered to receive a tip of any amount.
You are certainly free to discuss Nauru’s geo-political situation with your local guides as well as with your YPT guides, however, please bear in mind that your local guides are not spokespeople for their government and may or may not give candid answers. Accordingly, we ask that you be respectful and mindful when discussing the country’s politics with your local guides or the people of Nauru.
For a tour of Nauru, we do not have any age caps at all and despite young being in our name we welcome a very broad church of people. Our tours generally have people of all ages, so don’t expect Club 18-30, nor Saga Tours! This we feel is what makes both tours of Nauru and the wider world so special.