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Meari Shooting Range – DPRK Guide


Meari shooting range is a leisure and entertainment center located in the area of Pyongyang’s sporting district. The name meari means echo in the Korean language.

Most famous for being an area for local Koreans and tourists alike to take target practice with low calibre weaponry, the Meari Shooting Range is a classic stop on YPT tours to North Korea and a great way to wind down a long day of sightseeing.

The range has been open to tourists since the early 2000s but really started gain popularity in 2014 when the whole complex underwent significant modernization and renovations.

Location of Meari Shooting Range

Meari shooting range is located in Pyongyang’s sporting district, which was built in 1989 in preparation for the 13th Festival of World Youth and Students. It is opposite the DPRK football association’s headquarters and is very close to both the Sosan and Chongnyon Hotel, two hotels that we often stay at on our group tours to North Korea.

Visiting Meari Shooting Range

There is actually more than just shooting guns to the meari shooting range. The complex also contains an archery range, shooting simulators, a shop, a restaurant/bar, a tennis court, and a volleyball court.

The first areas that are often visited on a trip to the range are the pistol and rifle range located in the main area of the building. The pistol range features targets up to 25 meters away the rifle ranges features targets up to 50 meters away. The cost is 50 cents ber bullet, and the loading of the firearm is taken care of by the staff on-site.

The facility’s archery range features targets up to 25m away with four arrows costing $1 to shoot.

There is an arcade section where various virtual shooting games can be played, including games revolved around hunting and combat.

By far the most popular area of meari shooting range, especially for locals, is the shooting range at the back of the complex.

Here you have the option to shoot a live pheasant. If you wish to do so, the cost is $5 per bullet, and if you manage to kill the pheasant, they will bag it up for you, and your guides can arrange it for you to be cooked at your hotel kitchen or any other restaurant you are visiting. The most common way for the bird to be served is in a soup dish.

If you are on an independent tour to North Korea and would like to have your dinner at the shooting range after an afternoon of shooting, let us know during your booking, and we can arrange for your meal to be had at the restaurant located on-site

Ready to take aim and challenge your guides to a friendly shooting competition? Contact us for information about travel to North Korea.

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