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Liberation Tower – DPRK Guide


The Liberation Tower is a monument located in Pyongyang erected in Juche 36 (1947) to convey the feats of the 40,000 soldiers of the former Soviet Union who helped the Korean people during the struggle for national liberation.

Being built in 1947, it is one of Pyongyang’s oldest monuments serving as a reminder of North Korea and Russia’s friendship.

Liberation Tower Location

The Liberation Tower is located on the picturesque Moran Hill located in Moranbong District Pyongyang.

It can be easily reached from Mansudae Grand Monuments, Tongil Sation on the Chollima Line of the Pyongyang Metro and Moran Hill.

Liberation Tower Facts

The Tower is made up of trimmed pieces of granite weighing 815 tons, symbolizing August 15, the day of Koreas liberation day (August 15, 1945) and is 30 meters high.

At the base of the tower is a brass Soviet Union Flag along with murals depicting Soviet soldiers.

There are two inscriptions on the tower in both Russian and Korean that translate into:

“Eternal glory to the great Soviet Army, which unyoked Korean people from Japanese imperialists and showed them the way to liberty and independence! August 15, 1945”


The great Soviet people defeated the Japanese imperialists and liberated the people of Korea. The bloodshed by Soviet soldiers during the liberation of Korea has served to strengthen the bonds of friendship binding the Korean and the Soviet peoples. This monument was erected to signify the gratitude of the Korean people. August 15, 1945″

The tower is made up of three storey tower body complete with a red star on top with the main body part inscribed with the text 해방탑 which translates directly into “Liberation Tower”.

In 1985 on the 40th Anniversary of Liberation Day, the monument underwent renovations and was slightly enlarged. In 2019 the monument was again refurbished.

In 2000 during Vladimir Putin’s State visit to Pyongyang, he visited the Liberation Tower along with General Kim Jong Il, North Korean officials and Russian officials.

A plaque dedicated to Stalin was removed in 1959 in anticipation of a visit by Khrushchev that never came to fruition.

Visiting the Liberation Tower

The Liberation Day Tower is not a commonly visited place on our group tours to North Korea, but you will have the chance to see it from a distance while visiting the Mansudae Grand Monuments.

If you are taking an Independent Tour to North Korea, we can arrange for a visit here with a tour from a local guide.

While at the tower, be sure to look out for wedding couples as this is an incredibly popular place for photos to be taken on wedding days.

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