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Turkmenistan COVID-19 update

Unfortunately, Turkmenistan is still closed to foreigners. It is not possible to enter Turkmenistan and the Embassies and Consulates of Turkmenistan are not currently issuing visas, nor are State Migration Services issuing Letters of Invitations.

There is still no COVID-19 in Turkmenistan and there are no COVID-19 related restrictions inside the country. There has however been dust and pollution problems recently which has meant that masks are compulsory in public. Most shops and restaurants are open, however, a significant number are closed. Public health officials have recommended social distancing and to stay at home when possible to deal with the dust storms.

It has been announced however that Independence Day celebrations will go ahead despite the global pandemic. Hopefully the dust storms subside by then.

There is no official announcement of when tourists will be able to travel to Turkmenistan again. Unofficially though, the travel ban is assumed to be until at least the start of 2021.

Turkmenistan currently has a ban on flights in and out of the country which is in place until the 1st of October and it is expected that the ban will be extended when it expires.

Hopefully, though the dust storms affecting Turkmenistan and the COVID pandemic affecting the rest of the world will have eased off by next year and we’re looking forward to getting back to business in 2021! Click here to see all our scheduled tours for next year.

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