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What Is the Least Likely Country in the World to Get Coronavirus?

We at YPT without too much doubt in our minds can see that the country least likely to get Coronavirus is Nauru.

Where is Nauru?

Nauru is a small Pacific Island nation that you can read more about here. It is also officially the least visited country in the world. For some context on how few people visit here every year, it is less than 100, and in 2019 YPT took about 25% of all visitors to the country.

Why Is Nauru the Least Likely Country to Get COVID-19?

Further to my previous point, it is the country least visited by tourists in the world and one of the most isolated nations on earth. The national economy does not rely on tourism in a way, so it will not take risks with visitors. In 2019 the Pacific had a massive outbreak of measles, and Nauru amongst other nations brought in a strict and effective preventive measure.

Being such a small nation, Nauru is exceptionally susceptible to contagious diseases, as history has taught them. It is, therefore, unlikely Nauru will even open its doors this year.

The Last Tourists in Nauru?

Ironically, YPT had a group in Nauru when the flames of COVID-19 first began to flare. A group of 16 of us had begun the New Year and, indeed, decade partying in the Menem Hotel. It is really crazy to think how all that optimism that you have when a new year/decade is on the horizon can all go wrong, but heck it did!

While a few solo backpackers did come in after us as YPT is the only company to offer group tours to Nauru, we know that our group was the last to visit the least visited country in the world, and that will probably remain the case for some time now.

Nauru may end up being one of the last countries to open to tourism again, but we will be back for sure!

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