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North Korean war museum staircase
A view of the Victorious Fatherland Liberation War, the biggest War Museum of Korea

On every tour to North Korea you will receive at least some education on the Korean War, obviously from the point of view of North Korea.

Now, whilst we do not run specific Korean War Scheduled Group Tours (there’s always independent tours, which can be entirely customised), we do run some that would be of particular interest to people interested in studying the specifics of the War. As well, there are certain sites in Korea directly related to the War that are included on various itineraries (but not others) that are worth potentially bashing your tour around.

Here’s our best Korean War Tours 2021:

All Koreas Tour

Chinese korean war poster

This is one of our best tours to North Korea for a number of reasons, not least that our competition have even decided to mimic it!

The all Koreas tour takes us all around one Korea, starting in the south, as well as not only doing the north but also the borderlands of China and North Korea. In this respect, nothing will give a more complete picture of the Korean War than this tour. We visit both War museums, both sides of the DMZ, but most interestingly also get the Chinese side of things. In China, the War is known as the War to Resist America and Aid Korea (this is the simplified version), has gone over a lot of changes in the minds of the Chinese people as time has gone on. Going across the border regions you will see numerous memorials to the Chinese volunteers as well as (hopefully) the War Museum in Dandong, ironically the most balanced museum pertaining to the Korean War that exists.

North Korea Political Interest Tour

Our political interest tour is combined with a Chinese tour that looks at Maoism, but in North Korea is more concentrated on the state ideology of North Korea – Juche. One of the most interesting parts of the North Korean leg of this tour is that we visit the grave of Mao Anying, the son of Mao Ze Dong who died, allegedly, eating noodles during the War. This tour also sees the must see site: the War Museum.

Main sites for those interested in the Korean War

No place tells you more about the War than Kaesong, Panmujon and the DMZ. These are included on all standard tours, although not generally on Ultra-Budget Tours. Some tours will even include the concrete wall, which is interesting for Korean War watchers. It should be noted that Kaesong was one of the places “won” by the North Koreans during the war.

Korean War Museum

Renovated a few years ago, and also housing the USS Pueblo, the new museum is the most impressive war museum in the world perhaps (sorry Seoul). Known as the Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum, Again, included on most itineraries, but you will need to check!

Independent Korean War Tours

Of course if you do have specific interests the best way to do tour the way you want to is to work with one of our expert team and design a perfect Korean War Tour itinerary. It is as simple as getting in touch

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