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USS Pueblo

The USS Pueblo is an American Navy Intelligence Vessel that was intercepted and captured by North Korean patrol boats on January 23rd, 1968. To this day, the USS Pueblo remains the only US Vessel held by a foreign government.

What Happened?

Official accounts from both the government of the DPRK and the United States, of course, differ. The United States government maintains that the vessel was kilometres into international waters and was forced into the waters of the DPRK, where they were then fired upon. The DPRK government official tale of events go that the ship was committing espionage acts within the territorial waters of the DPRK when it was captured.

After a small skirmish between the Pueblo and DPRK vessels that left one American crew member dead and three others wounded the ship was boarded and seized by the DPRK forces.

After capture the ship and the American crew were taken to the East Coast port city of Wonsan where the boat would remain until the early 2000s before being taken to Pyongyang. The crew of the USS Pueblo were moved into POW camps and were released 11 months later after the United States government admitted to spying on the DPRK and gave its assurances they would never do it again. Once the crew of the Pueblo was released the government of the United States retracted the statement.

Where is the USS Pueblo Today?

Since early 2013 the USS Pueblo has sat on the banks of the Potgang river outside the Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum.

It is used as a museum ship and is the quintessential stop for tourists when visiting the Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum. It is possible to take a full tour of the ship and see the original bullet hole marks from the skirmish as well as the living quarters of the US personell who were stationed on the ship.

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