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Ittoqqortoormiit – the Full Guide

Ittoqqortoormiit is one of the least visited places in one of the most remote places on earth. YPT have therefore decided to write a guide to it!

How many people live in Ittoqqortoormiit?

452 according to Wikipedia, although we saw a lot of babies, so maybe there are more now.

Where can I buy things?

There is a travel agency – which is basically a tourist shop – an art shop that was closed, and two mini-market-type things.

Are there any restaurants?

There is one restaurant, which was closed the day that we went there. It is called Ivalos Grill, should you ever end up visiting.

Is there anywhere to sleep in Ittoqqortoormiit?

There is a Guest House; we know this because it said “Guest House” outside. It was also closed, but we assume that it is indeed a guest house due to the aforementioned name.  

Are there schools on Ittoqqortoormiit?

There was a school and a college at the settlement as well a sports centre, an AstroTurf football pitch, and a few kids’ playgrounds.

What are the houses like on Ittoqqortoormiit?

They tend to be very simple affairs; some were boarded up, and others even had repossession notices on them. God knows what happens when you end up homeless in Ittoqqortoormiit. We were very interested to know how much houses cost there, but we had no internet….

What do people do in Ittoqqortoormiit?

There was building work going on, a few shops, the one restaurant, teachers, a church (closed on Sunday) and some tourist stuff. Generally, though, it would be safe to assume that most people fish for a living.

Should I visit?

It would not be worth coming here simply to visit this settlement of 452 people, as I imagine it would quite expensive to helicopter here. That being said, I truly found it one of the more interesting places I had been. Should we run a Greenland cruise again, Ittoqqortoormiit will definitely be a highlight of the trip.

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