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ISI Dangkor Senchey B 5 Angkor City FC 2

After a hard fought match it was to finish ISI Dangkor Senchey B 5 Angkor City FC 2, with YPT’s team in Cambodia again falling short and having not yet won a match in the 2023-24 season.

That is not to say though that it was all bad, with the team showing lots of potential.

ISI Dangor Senchey B 1 Angkor City FC 2

ISI went into the match as favorites and as expected took the lead early on. Angkor City though h remained the stronger side and indeed looked like they wanted it more. Shortly after this resulted in a well took equalizer, before the club were awarded a lifeline penalty.

This was operably taken by Japanese defender Takuya meaning that ACFC went into the break 2-1 up.

ISI Dangor Senchey B 5 Angkor City FC 2

Coach Pomroy had said that if they could hold the defense for at least the first 15 minutes then they could have gotten a victory, alas this did not happen and after a quick goal from ISI, the home team were then awarded a penally.

This was duly slotted home before the home team went on a bit of a goal frenzy, eventually sinking their 5th in the last ten minutes. ISI Dangkor Senchey B 5 Angkor City FC 2 was not excaatly the result we wanted, but the boys put up a good display.

And the AIA Stadium?

This was our first outing to the AIA Stadium and we have to say we were very impressed. Not only did it help create a great atmosphere, but we even got the chance to try out the VIP box, which was filled with food and beer.

There was also a decent club shop, street food and the overall impression that this is a well run club very much on the up.

We are already fans of watching football in Cambodia, with this match only furthering that opinion.

And the can I get one of those shirts?

Of course fans of both Angkor City FC ands YPT will be asking where they can hold of one of the football shirts with our logo on. This is something we are working on through our shop, as well as through the ACFC website.

So, overall while not the exact result we wanted, it got some YPT staff out of the house and on the bench!

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