Young Pioneer Tours

Iraqi Kurdistan

Young Pioneer Tour now are quickly becoming the first resource for tours to Iraq, both Iraqi Kurdistan and the rest of Iraq, or as we call it, Southern Iraq.


We can easily offer independent tours to Iraqi Kurdistan, which is a visa-free destination for most nationalities. For those who can’t go without a visa, our local partner can arrange a visa on arrival for you at an extra cost. No visit at an embassy is needed! We will simply send required documents by email and you will only need to show those to the immigration officer when entering the country .

What can be done there?

Tours can be from 3 days to 2 weeks and can be highly customized. They can be individual tours as well as large group tours, with us capable to accommodate your group in our mini-bus without sacrificing the local experience.

Travel through the region of Iraqi Kurdistan is unrestricted, which means that our itineraries can be tailored to include any city or sight of Kurdistan you might wish to visit. Your tour can start from Erbil, Sulaymaniyah, Turkey or Iran with our local partners ready to pick you up at the airport or at the land border.

Travel from Iraq to the north can also be organised, at the moment by flight only for safety reasons. We recommend first visiting Southern Iraq and then heading to Iraqi Kurdistan due to visa reasons (an Iraqi Visa covers Kurdistan but a Kurdistan entry stamp does not cover Southern Iraq). YPT can assist you with booking domestic Iraqi Airlines flights.

Kurdistan is a land of wild nature with many activities such as mountain trekking and fishing available most of the year.

We have multiple contacts with NGOs operating in the region if you are interesting in volunteering or contributing to the humanitarian situation there.

For gun enthusiasts, we have contacts with local shooting ranges and can organize for you and your group to shoot with a wide arsenal of weapon, including pistols, AK-47s but also rocket launchers.

Getting in and out of Iraqi Kurdistan

Both the international airports of Erbil and Suleimaniyah have international flights but Erbil airport has more connections linking it to the world.

It is also possible to go from Iraqi Kurdistan to Turkey overland, either by car or by bus. Finally, it is also easy to go by bus from Iran to Iraqi Kurdistan.