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Internships in North Korea

Can you do an internship in North Korea or Pyongyang? In this world, anything is possible.

Well, the world is indeed going crazy at the moment, coronavirus is really screwing with things, and of course, North Korea has closed its borders and actually, so has China but things can, and indeed will change, the big question, of course, is when will internships be possible again?.

Can you do an internship in Pyongyang?

There are a number of NGOs in Pyongyang, so in that sense, there is always an opportunity with one of these (although we do not personally have the contacts). There’s PUST – The Pyongyang University Science and Technology, who have famously hosted many teachers on short term deals in Pyongyang. Of course, they have also courted controversy, with some Korean-Americans being arrested.

Embassies tend not to offer internship programs, although again, it is still never say never scenario. Check out our blog on embassies in Pyongyang.

As for us travel agencies, none of us actually have offices in Pyongyang (they are a bit pricey), so direct live in Pyongyang internships do not really exist.

Can you study in North Korea?

We have written a few bits about how you can study in Pyongyang and obviously, it isn’t an internship, but things like our own study tour certainly give you the chance tick off “living in Pyongyang”

Can you do an internship in North Korea?

This is not all that different an answer to doing an internship in Pyongyang, as there are not that many NGOs based outside of the capital and only a few consulates in Chongjin.

That being said, though, travel agents like us, and indeed others offer internship programs that often lead to you spending some time at least in the DPRK. Although in our case at least that depends a lot on you, and what you bring to the table! Nothing in this world is ever guaranteed.

So that is the long and short of interning in the DPRK. Good luck, and please get in touch if you ever fancy joining our rather diverse team!

Feel free to get in contact with us at any time regarding internship positions.

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