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Can you film in Bir Tawil?

Can you film in Bir Tawil? The short answer is that if you show up unannounced and start filming people then you will find yourself in a whole world of trouble, but with the right permissions filming in Bir Tawil is indeed possible.

What is the story with Bir Tawil?

Film in Bir Tawil
Bir Tawil

Bir Tawil is technically pretty much the only piece of unclaimed land on earth, although that now means that numerous crazy people claim it via various micro nations.

You can read the strange tale of Bir Tawil here .

In actuality the area is in de-facto control of Sudan and the Ababda tribe, rather than the control of the various micro nations that claim the area as their own.

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How easy is it to film in Sudan?

Film in Bir Tawil
Bir Tawil

Sudan os currently going through a period of democratization, which means there are still bureaucratic hurdles to filming in Sudan and therefore Bir Tawil. Permissions can and indeed do get granted though, which we are happy to arrange.

How to film in Bir Tawil?

To film in Bir Tawil is not the same as filming in Sudan. Bir Tawil is also not unpopulated as is often falsely stated by many people. To be able to film here you will need the permission of the tribe that inhabit the area, not an easy task, but one that we can arrange for people.

I want to film in Bir Tawil, what are the next steps?

If you want to travel to Bir Tawil in a  group or interdependently than YPT are the only company arranging tours here. If you are looking to film in Bir Tawil then everything is arranged via our film location and Production sister company Pioneer Media .

You can contact them directly or reach out to us via the site and let us plan the rest.

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