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Top North Korean Websites

With nicknames such as the “Hermit Kingdom”, many people believe that North doesn’t have any internet. Whilst it is definitely true to say that the internet situation in the DPRK is somewhat unique, North Korea not only has its own intranet, but is very much connected to Al Gore’s bestest invention, the WWW.

We personally communicate with our partners in North Korea via e-mail, North Korea has its own .KP address*, and North Korea has a number of very interesting and informative websites hosted directly from the DPR of Korea.

*The national top-level domain (‘TLD’: suffixes like ‘.com’ or ‘’) of ‘.kp’ was introduced in 2007. Whilst not all North Korean websites are hosted on the .kp TLD just yet, most have made the transition. The .kp websites are administered by the Korean Computer Centre, and the first website to transfer to the .kp TLD was the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA).

We’ve compiled a list of our  favourite websites from North Korea, with a few little North Korean Easter eggs thrown in for good measure.

Best North Korean news website

North Korean websites: the front page of the Rodung Sinmun newspaper.

Whilst the KCNA (Korean Central News Agency) might get all the plaudits and quotes when it comes to news about North Korea, the main North Korean daily is the Rodung Sinmun, and you know what they even have an English language version!

If you want a slightly less government-oriented version, then NKNews would be our Easter Egg on news from North Korea.

Best North Korean Business website

North Korean websites: the homepage of Manmulsang, a North Korean business website.

Manmulsang is a website that specializes in not only the many things available to export from North Korea (sanctions, anyone?), but also has a cool little travel section (kind of our thing).

We would also throw in Pioneers Korea (sound familiar) who specialize in the frosty world of doing business in the DPRK.

Best North Korean Travel website

Are we seriously going to suggest someone else has the best North Korean travel website? Well this is the best one based in Pyongyang. The NTA (National Tourism Authority of North Korea) is a great resource for travel to North Korea, and word to them, Young Pioneer Tours have a website from Pyongyang that links to us!

Main North Korean Government website

North Korean websites: the emblem of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has what could be considered the most senior government website when it comes to the DPRK. Lots of the usual kind of statements you’d expect, plus a good archive.

Easter egg? OK there’s the Korean Friendship Association, who claim to be a government organ. I’ll leave it at that, and won’t include a hyperlink. That is all.

Best list of North Korean websites?

DPRK Portal Is a North Korean based website portal that lists all .KP addresses, no English version, and not always up date, but a good resource nonetheless.

Easter egg? Oh, we got a corker!, the truest of North Korean website lists there is!

Most random North Korean website

The Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front: OK so this one isn’t hosted in North Korea, but this is the United Front based in South Korea (and banned) that is the only south Korean agency with an office in Pyongyang.

Easter egg? Tough to beat this one, so here’s a random site about the Ryugyong Hotel.

Best North Korean Travel Blog

It’s obviously Young Pioneer Tours! Back when we started in 2008 there were other travel companies, but no one was blogging about North Korea. Young Pioneer Tours have run the most thorough North Korean blog since the get go, and heck now we even write cool stuff about other places.

Easter egg? We got nothing, so here’s the Street Food Guy by Gareth Johnson; he sometimes writes about North Korea.

And that’s our very pint-sized guide to all things internet and North Korea. For a full list of North Korean websites check out, or if you have any other sites we should include, get in touch.