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Young Pioneer Tours specialise in taking you to North Korea and other worldwide “destinations your mother would rather you stay away from” at budget prices. We combine the best guides in the industry with expert local knowledge and contacts to ensure your adventure is an unparalleled one. Don’t be a face in the crowd, be a Pioneer.

Upcoming Tours

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Actual Young Pioneers at the South Ossetia parade
  • €795

South Ossetia National Day Tour

Participate in the independence day celebrations of the world's youngest unrecognised Country and frozen conflict zone!

  • Start Date : September 15th 2020
    End Date : September 22nd 2020
  • Duration: 7 nights, 8 days
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  • €1595

The Real Deal Tour: 75th Anniversary Party Foundation Day With Mass Games

A tour that'll show you everything there is in North Korea and more

  • Start Date : October 3rd 2020
    End Date : October 14th, 2020
  • Duration: 10 nights, 11 days
  • Flight option: €215 flight out
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A full mundari cattle camp
  • $2495-$4295

South Sudan Tour

The world's youngest and most outlandish nation: South Sudan

  • Start Date : November 23rd 2020
    End Date : November 29th / December 4th, 2020
  • Duration: 7 days / 12 days
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Ecuador Amazon Rainforest and Galapagos Islands Tour


Stand a chance to win a free trip to North Korea!


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Cuba's booth at a North Korean exhibtion
Cuba and North Korea: Comrades-in-Arms

Geographically speaking, it would be entirely unpredicted that the northern part of the Korean peninsula in East Asia and an island …

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A woman prepares horse meat in Kazakhstan, taken by
Horse Meat in Kazakhstan

A woman prepares horse meat in Kazakhstan, photo taken by Sara Yeomans One of the most annoying aspects of taking guests through Ka …

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  • North Korea Masses Game
  • North Korea allows foreign visitors to use own mobiles
  • North Korea to restart domestic scheduled flights as tourism grows
  • Boom in North Korean tourism
  • North Korea to become a beach holiday destination
  • North Korea in 360 degrees: navigate your way around the DPRK