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Young Pioneer Tours specialise in taking you to North Korea and other worldwide “destinations your mother would rather you stay away from” at budget prices. We combine the best guides in the industry with expert local knowledge and contacts to ensure your adventure is an unparalleled one. Don’t be a face in the crowd, be a Pioneer

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Upcoming Tours

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  • €845

Children’s Day Tour

Come join our five day tour as we help celebrate Children's Day in Pyongyang

  • Start Date : May 29th 2019
    End Date : June 4th 2019
  • Duration: 4 nights, 5 days
  • Flight option: €195 flight one way or €295 return
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  • $1495

Uzbekistan Uncut

From ancient madrassahs to environmental disasters on the Mother of all Uzbekistan tours

  • Start Date : June 14th 2019
    End Date : June 22nd, 2019
  • Duration: 8 nights, 9 days
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  • €995

DPRK Football and Microbreweries Tour

Watch an AFC football match and sample Pyongyang’s microbreweries!

  • Start Date : June 17th 2019
    End Date : June 23rd 2019
  • Duration: 4 nights / 5 days
  • Flight option: €195 flight one way or €295 return
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Colombia Civil War and Narcos Tour (May 2019)


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How to get from North Korea to Russia

With Marshal Kim-Jong Un leaving his country for the second summit after the US-DPRK summit in Vietnam. You might be interested in …

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How do you say ‘Korea’ in Korean?

Would a rose by any other name smell so sweet? I think Shakespeare said something like that, and from what I can gather he was sayi …

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