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Chongzuo Guide

Chongzuo is a small cute town in the Chinese tourist mecca that is in Guangxi; here’s the Chongzuo guide!

Where’s Chongzuo?

The city is situated in the southwestern part of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, with the regional capital of Nanning lying to the north, and Pingxiang, and the Vietnamese border just to the south. In fact, Chongzuo and Ningming both make great stops if you are going south on the Bamboo pancake trail.

Chongzuo is also a stop on the Nanning to Hanoi train, which is a very cool way to get from Vietnam to China (stock up on drinks).

What is there to do in Chongzuo?

There a few things to do here, with the main one being Detian Waterfall, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in China, and one that is slap being in the middle of the Chinese and Vietnamese border. The main body of the waterfall is 100 meters (109 yards) in width, 60 meters (66 yards) in depth with a fall of 70 meters (77 yards). The waterfall on the Chinese side is called Ban Gioi Waterfall, and you will see Vietnamese tourists out and about doing their thing.

Rock paintings of Mt Huashan, not to be confused with Hua Shan of Xi’an. Located in the small town of Ningming, there are over 1900 rock paintings of all manner of things, and amazingly they are over 2000 years old and represent the ancient Zhuang minority and their culture.

Chongzuo county also has a leaning Pagoda, and apparently, it is one of only eight leaning towers in the world, although not as famous as Pisa obviously.

How to get to Chongzuo?

Chongzuo is 80 km from the nearest airport in Nanning, and as stated previously, it links up with the Nanning – Hanoi train network, one of the most interesting ways to travel to Hanoi, the Vietnamese border town of Cao Bang which itself is worth a jolly.

Do they have street food in Chongzuo?

They do, you can read bout it here; in fact, it was the Street Food Guys first ever Street Food Blog.

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