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Mount Huashan (Xi’an)

Huashan, or Mount Hua, is one of the most famous mountains of China as it is known to be one of the Five Great Mountains of China. It is located nearby the city of Xi’an and makes for a formidable extension to any of our tours nearby Xi’an or Beijing (as it is easily connected by highspeed train). You could also book it without connecting it to any of our tours!

Huashan is a site where one can easily spend a whole day. It has three peaks to visit, which can be attained by any of the entrances. It is possible to ascend and descend the mountain both by foot or by cable-car. Huashan is also known for having one of the most dangerous path in the world called, in Chinese, Changkong (see a video). While it is not necessary to go through this path, thrillseekers have the opportunity to walk on thin wooden planks right at the flank of the mountain for the while. As the attraction is immensely popular, it is important to head there early in the morning to beat the queue.

The mountain is not only about thrills and beautiful sceneries (although that would already be more than enough), it is also an important site related to Daoism as well as the ancient emperors of China. The mountain has temples and pagodas to explore along the way.

Huashan can be visited throughout the year but it is sometimes closed in case of bad weather such as snowstorms and storms.

Our extension to Huashan picks you right up from the city centre of Xi’an, brings you to the mountain for a full day of adventure to your pace and leave you in Xi’an once more. Get in touch with us for more information!


Day 1 – Xi’an

  • Arrival in Xi’an at your convenience
  • Check into your private room at the centrally-located hostel, Ancient City International Youth Hostel
  • In the evening, you can check the main attractions of Xi’an and go walk around the fortifications of the main city or go grab a bite on the famous muslim street.

Day 2 – Huashan

  • Your guide and driver will pick you up from your hotel around 6 AM to drive you to Huashan
  • Arrival in Huashan and go through the ticket office.
  • You can either climb up the first peak by foot or take the cable car (extra charge). We recommend starting by the West Peak and making your way around to North Peak where you’ll be able to take a cable car down. Those who are not really into trekking but are here for the sights will take a cable car to one of the peak and the other to go down.
  • During your whole day around Huashan, you can walk around the three peaks, visiting the various scenic spots of the area, which should take you about a day. If you’d like to try the most extreme part of it, the Changkong Plank Road, you should do it first thing upon arrival to make sure to beat the queues and have time to do it. Changkong Plank Road is located by the South Peak.
  • Lunch can be had at one of the restaurants on the mountain or you can bring some snacks
  • Drive back to the city before dinner
  • Your guide and driver will bring you back where they picked you up in Xi’an
  • End of Tour


Number of guests
Price per guest (USD)
1 €345
2-3 €245
4 and more €195

Inclusions and Exclusions

Price inclusive of:

  • Transportation to Huashan and back
  • Entrance tickets to Huashan
  • Local English speaking guide
  • Accommodation the night before the tour

Price exclusive of:

  • Transportation to Xi’an
  • Cable-car tickets (80 to 280 RMB depending on the season and single way/roundtrip)
  • Meals during the day
  • Accommodation after the tour