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Two Day Independent Tour

Two Day Independent Tour

One full day tour, starting at 7:45am, driving you from Kiev (picked up at your hotel) to the exclusion zone, walking around Pripyat (the ghost town), getting close to the Reactor No. 4 before staying overnight in twin accommodation in the zone.

On the second day we check out Abandoned Synagogue, cinema, vehicles, bus station, abandoned checkpoints, schools, and factories, before returning to Kiev around 6:00pm on day 2. This is your tour, so even if you are only one person you still get a guide, and transport. No one will be added to your group.

Bookings ideally need to be done more than 11 days in advance for us to receive your Chernobyl permit. 

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Price includes all meals on both days of the trip as well as all relevant permits, transportation and guides. For groups of larger than 10 please get in touch for a group discount quote.


Day One

  • Around 8am, you will be met at your Kiev hotel or a destination of your choice in the city by our Geiger carrying Chernobyl guides and comfortable minibuses.
  • We then head out of Kiev and stop at a gas station/supermarket en-route to pick up snacks and supplies. After around two hours, we reach the outer checkpoint of the Chernobyl exclusion zone, if we are lucky, there will be a Soviet tank on guard. When entry procedures are complete and the Ukrainian army checks our passports, we will be granted entry to the zone.
  • We will then visit the village Zalissa, Chernobyl town, the memorial to Fukushima, the statue of Vladimir Lenin, the abandoned Synagogue and the only church still active in the exclusion zone.
  • We then have lunch at the cafeteria used by the Chernobyl workers, the food is great and wholesome and don’t worry, no produce is grown on site.
  • We then continue our exploration by visiting the docks with half sunken ships, long abandoned supermarkets with shopping carts still in the aisles, the monument to the Chernobyl firefighters, exhibition of the remotely operated machines used in the disaster, hills of Kopachi which was once an entire village village but buried during the disaster, abandoned kindergarten, panoramic view of the Chernobyl power plant and sarcophagus, the entrance sign to Pripyat, the bridge of death, Lenin street, the main square of Pripyat, the abandoned amusement park and ferris wheel, abandoned school with gas masks all over the floor, we round off the day with a swimming pool.
  • We then head to our hotel in Chernobyl town and have dinner and vodka and spend the night in the zone.

Day Two

  • We have an early start and grab breakfast at the hotel.
  • We then board our minibus and continue our tour of the exclusion zone.
  • First, we will visit the Duga, or the “Russian Woodpecker,” a gigantic Soviet radar system that lies eerily abandoned.
  • We then walk down the railway track and visit the Cooling towers on the side of the unfinished reactors 5 & 6.
  • We visit the red forest and the fish farm.
  • Visit the buildings with Soviet emblems, Palace of Culture and Jupiter factory, Pripyat hospital and morgue.
  • We will see the Pripyat passenger boats on River Port, the Prometheus cinema and both the music school and the athletic stadium.
  • We round off the day by seeing the Laboratory in the old kindergarten and Pripyat bus station.
  • We then board our minibus, bid farewell to Chernobyl and drive back to Kiev, passing radiation control on the way back out of the zone.