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Book Your 2024 Tour for No Deposit, a 50 Euro Deposit, or With a Discount!

Book your 2024 tour to North Korea (or beyond) for free, with a €50 deposit, or with an in-built discount!

Last Saturday, Young Pioneer Tours initiated our membership program. This was something we had been working on for many years, but as they say crisis speeds up progress, and the current COVID-19 pandemic sped our mighty Pioneers into action.

Our membership program was initiated with Platinum, Gold, and Silver tiers.

Now first and foremost a big thanks to everyone who joined our Platinum, and Gold, and Silver programs, the shower of support and love we are receiving is very much appreciated. Today, however, I want to focus on the most undervalued and affordable of all of the three tiers – the Silver tier.

All around the world, people are offering deals to clients to get them to book things for next year (we certainly did not come up with this idea alone), and it has been done in many different ways. In the travel sector, particularly, some companies (ourselves included) are offering the chance to pay a small deposit like €50 (ourselves included), or even no deposit (ourselves included)

So, with this in mind, I will spell out exactly what we are offering to all of you out there with the wanderlust, but a short budget.

No deposit – This is obviously the cheapest option. You send us your documents, we place you on hold for the tour, then when it is confirmed we take a deposit. We are more than happy to do this, if it is what makes you most comfortable.

€50 deposit – Pay a 50 Euro deposit to secure your place on a trip, and nothing more until the trip is confirmed. If, for whatever reason, the tour is cancelled, you will keep the €50 as a credit towards a future tour. Again, fairly simple and we appreciate your support!

Pay €60, get €100 off a 2024/2025 tour – The one with the best value. You join our membership program as a silver member, tell us which tour you want to do (or not, you can keep that decision for later), and you will get a €100 credit off that tour. Bargain!

We know that you cannot travel right now and that the world is indeed filled with a lot of uncertainty, but we also realize you all want to travel again at some point, but with minimal risks.

So, this is what we are all about! Should you have any questions at all about this post, or travel in general, please feel free to get in touch.

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