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Introduction to Morocco

Morocco is a nation firmly on the African tourist trail, but this nation known as the “gateway to Africa” still has a ton to offer prospective travellers entering its borders.

Defined by vast sweeping deserts, ancient cities steeped in lore and mystery, extraordinary mountain ranges, and the Morrocan people’s warm hospitality, there is a lot to be explored here for all types of travellers.

The country is an old one with a fascinating long, storied past rich in stories of the local people indigenous to the area for thousands of years to the various empires and invaders leaving their mark on the history of Morroco, such as the Romans who left their mark with their diverse, complex culture and the Arabs who brought the religion of Islam to Morroco.

In the early 19th century, the country was a protectorate of both France and Spain before finally gaining independence in 1956. Today the country is the last remaining monarchy in Northern Africa, and despite heading down a path of rapid modernization and enjoying a high standard of living, the nation has managed to keep its traditional customs alive, and its ancient architecture and legacy intact.

While Morocco may not be a typical YPT destination in our experiences taking tourists here, we genuinely believe a lot of people only scratch the surface of Morocco, and the key to unlocking the rest is down to having the right guide and local contacts who will show you the sides of Morocco most miss.

Morroco Tour Guide Services

While on tour in Morroco, you can be assured that your trip is in the hands of some of the best in the country. The local guides we work with are fully trained and certified tour guides with an incredible passion for their work. Our local guides will get you closer to the traditions, people and life of those who make up Morroco than would ever be possible on your own.

Worry-Free Vehicle Rental in Morocco

Whatever your vehicle needs may be in Morocco, we promise we have you covered. From small car hire to explore the countries vast road network, tour buses able to accommodate larger groups or a 4×4 to tackle the biggest offroading challenges the Moroccan wild may throw at you, we have you covered through our partners fleet of well-maintained, safe and reliable vehicles.

We can arrange just vehicle rental for self-driving or a vehicle with an experienced, licensed and bilingual driver for a stress-free experience getting around Morroco.

Top Things to Do in Morocco

The Modern Capital of Casablanca

Casablanca is Morocco’s gritty capital and most modern city. Although not as atmospheric as some other destinations in the country, this city is well connected with the world and worth exploring for a few days. Our guides will introduce you to the cities’ main sites and get you up close and personal with a modern city that is modernizing much faster than the rest of the country.

Get lost in Marrakesh

Marrakesh, the 4th largest city in Morocco, is one of our favourite places in the country to explore. Expect a massive sensory overload as you make your way through the unique architecture of this ancient city bustling with activity. The Djemaa, the town’s primary market, which is full of talented street performers, world-renowned tattoo artists and world-class food from the vendors who line the streets all the way up to renowned high-end fine dining, is one of the top experiences in Morocco.

Sleep in the Saharan Desert under Spectacular Stars

The Saharan Desert is one of those places that has to be experienced first hand to understand it fully. Vast beyond imagination, an emptiness like no other place and spectacularly awesome. We recommend riding camelback into the desert and spending the night in a tent underneath a sky full of stars that go on forever.

Head Into the Inspiring Atlas Mountains

Home to the Jebel Toubkal, the tallest peak in North Africa looming at 4,167 m, this stunning range stretches from the country’s western reaches all the way to Tunisia. We can arrange for short day hikes all the way to fully guided multi-day expeditions that will challenge even the most season hikers.

Visit the Hassan II Mosque

One of the most popular attractions in Casablanca is the Hassan II mosque. A feat of Moroccan architects, this stunning masterpiece took thousands of artists five years to complete. The plaster mouldings, mosaics, stone columns and floors topped off with beautiful wood ceilings are massively impressive. This mosque, one of the largest in the world, can hold up to 105,000 worshippers at a time.

Lose Yourself in the Medinas

The beating heart of every major city in Morocco is the medina. Medinas are made up of shopping areas, food markets and residential areas. Let our local guides take you through these areas showing you hidden spots that tourists often miss introducing you to great food, friendly vendors and true Morrocan heritage.

Take in the city of Fes

Often referred to as the cultural capital of Morocco, the city of Fes has so much to explore for tourists visiting the city. Made up of long narrow streets rich in history, packed with mosques and home to some of the best vendors in the country.

Chefchaouen, the City of Blue

The location of this city in prime mountain real estate is enough to draw in tourists on its own right; however, this city has another feature to it that overshadows the natural beauty already on offer. The facades of the houses in this city are in stunning blue and white shades, giving the whole city an appearance of being drenched in an azure giving it a dreamlike feeling while making your way around it.

Chefchaouen is also chock-full of attractions offering one of the best medinas in the country to explore, a fantastic street food scene, and for those looking to learn more about the history of the region, a great collection of museums.

Surfing in Morroco

Morroco has been making a name for itself as a world-class surfing destination due to its ideal weather and great waves. We can arrange surfing gear rentals and guides to take you to the countries best spots.

Sample Morocco Tours

We have one group tour a year, which currently takes in Morocco, and that is our Morocco, Western Sahara and Mauritania Overland Tour. On this tour, we begin in Morocco’s largest city, Casablanca, where we explore the old and new that this incredibly diverse city has to offer. To see a sample of what is possible in this region, check out the tour by clicking here.

For more sample itineraries, please contact us, and we will work with you to put together a tour that fits your interests.

Film Based Morocco Tours

Morocco is one of the most famous film locations in the entire world, sometimes known as “Africas little Hollywood.” Classics such as Gladiator, American Sniper and Black Hawk Down have all been filmed here.

Through our sister company Pioneer Media we can arrange for scouting trips and introduce you to local contacts to support your film project needs.

We can also arrange film-themed tours to take you to the country’s most recognizable locales from the big screen.

Independent Travel to Ceuta and Melilla

The tiny enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla sit on the Northern shores of Morocco, around 250 miles apart from each other. At one point these cities were vital ports offering protection for Spanish ships and acting as an essential trading post between Europe and Africa.

In 1956 when Morroco gained independence, Spain refused to include Ceuta and Melilla in the handover. It is possible today to cross into these cities while touring Morocco. For detailed information on this, please contact us.

In Summary

Overlooking Morroco as a destination would be doing a country with so many possibilities a massive disservice. From its fantastic food, breathtaking mountains, gorgeous architecture, fascinating history and great weather, there is truly something for everyone to discover here.

Morroco’s borders are open, and a rapidly modernizing country still steeped in ancient tradition and history is waiting to be explored. Contact us today for more information about Morroco.