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Medicineless Hospital: Zhineng Qi Gong

by Andy Khong

The “Medicineless Hospital” emphasized the use of Qi Gong* and other natural methods for healing, rather than relying solely on conventional medical treatments. The idea for a “Medicineless Hospital” is based on the belief that the body has inherent healing abilities, and that by practicing Zhineng Qi Gong, individuals can activate and enhance these self-healing abilities.

[*Qi Gong (pronounced Chee-Kung): A form of traditional Chinese mind/body exercise and meditation that uses slow and precise body movements with controlled breathing and mental focusing to improve balance, flexibility, muscle strength, and overall health (National Cancer Institute)]

The term “Medicineless Hospital” originated from the work of Dr. PANG He Ming, who founded the Huaxia Zhineng Qi Gong Center in China in the 1980s. Dr. PANG was born in China in 1940 and trained as a Western medical doctor. He also studied Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), 19 different Qi Gong systems, Daoist practices, Buddhist spirituality, and Confucian philosophy, and he became well-known for his expertise in medical and energy healing. Dr. PANG combined his knowledge of Western medicine, TCM, and synthesis of various Qi Gong practices and spirituality, to develop Zhineng Qi Gong in the 1980s, which is known for its simplicity, accessibility, and emphasis on self-healing.

Patients at Medicineless Hospital practicing “Lift Qi Up, Pour Qi Down”, the 1st Form of Zhineng Qi Gong

Zhineng Qi Gong or Wisdom Healing Qi Gong, emphasizes the cultivation of mind-body awareness, the use of visualization techniques, and the integration of movement, breath, and intention to balance and optimize the body’s energy for healing and well-being.

The holistic approach of Zhineng Qi Gong emphasizes the concept of “creating a smooth connection” between the body, mind, and spirit. The practice aims to promote the free flow of Qi throughout the body’s energy channels, known as meridians, and to remove blockages or imbalances that may contribute to illness or disease. Through gentle movements, visualization, and deep relaxation, Zhineng Qi Gong practitioners aim to cultivate a relaxed state of mind, harmonize the body’s energy, and activate the body’s self-healing abilities.

Zhineng Qi Gong is known for its simplicity and accessibility, making it suitable for people of all ages and physical abilities. It is often practiced standing or sitting, and it does not require any special equipment or prior experience. Regular practice of Zhineng Qi Gong is believed by some practitioners to have potential benefits for physical health, mental well-being, and spiritual growth.

Dr. PANG’s teachings and practices of Zhineng Qi Gong gained popularity in China, and he established the Huaxia Zhineng Qi Gong Training Center in the 1980s to teach and promote Zhineng Qi Gong. The training center (with more than 4,000 people living there) served as a place where people could learn and practice Zhineng Qigong to enhance their health and well-being. However, it was not a hospital that provided medical treatments. A patient (referred to as a ‘student’) is diagnosed by a doctor when admitted to the Center, then assigned to a class to practice Zhineng Qi Gong for most of the day. The Center kept statistics which showed an overall effective healing rate of 94.96%. (15.20% cured; 37.68% very effective; 42.09% effective).

Dr PANG He Ming, founder of Zhineng Qi Gong. Known as a “miracle worker”, he was able to attract crowds of 5,000-7,000 people to train when he taught Qi Gong.

Luke CHAN, an American, who lived and trained at the Center in 1995, witnessed and videotaped healing of a patient’s bladder cancer. This is what he wrote, “I witnessed a cancer patient being treated by four ChiLel^ teachers while the patient’s bladder cancer was viewed on a screen via an ultra-sound machine, and monitored by two doctors. The cancer literally disappeared in front of my eyes in less than a minute as the teachers emitted chi into the patient, dissolving the cancer! In fact, I videotaped this incredible act. Ten days later, I requested the doctors to double check if the patient’s tumor was gone. Kindly enough the doctors put the same patient’s bladder again on screen and we saw no trace of cancer. Later I was told that a major German TV station crew, visiting the Center a week before, had successfully videotaped the same process with other cancer patients”. [^ChiLel = Luke CHAN’s trademark name for Zhineng Qi Gong. Luke CHAN wrote a book titled, “101 Miracles of Natural Healing”, based on his interviews with patients at the Center]

The videotape by Luke CHAN can be found here with commentary by new age author, Greg BRADEN

The Center was closed in 2001 due to political reasons believed to be associated with the ban on another organization that the Chinese government accused of spreading superstition and pseudoscience. Dr PANG established the Zhineng Qi Gong Academy at the Center which conducted two-year programs for those who are interested in teaching Zhineng Qi Gong. A few graduates from that program are now spreading the Zhineng Qi Gong worldwide, with teaching centers established all over Europe, North and South America, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.

Patients at Medicineless Hospital practicing Zhineng Qi Gong using “Qi Field”.

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[Disclaimer: Zhineng Qi Gong is a holistic mind-body practice that aims to support overall health and well-being through the cultivation of energy and mind-body awareness. It’s considered a complementary approach that may be used in conjunction with conventional medical care, but it’s not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment].

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