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Young Pioneer Tours to sponsor Nauru national football team

Young Pioneer Tours are pleased to announce that we are to sponsor the Nauru national football team, or soccer team for our North American friends.

Nauru, who as of yet do not have a national team, are currently in the process of setting up grassroots football within the island nation. This has in part been helped and inspired by YPT’s Gareth Johnson.

What is the Nauru National Football Team?

In short it is currently a theory as Nauru are the only country on earth to have never played even a representative match. And we are not just talking United Nations here, with even “non-countries” having played at least one match.

You can read our take on what counts as a country here.

This though is set to change as in early January the Nauru Soccer Federation was established, with Gareth Johnson of YPT, as well as well known manager Paul Watson spearheading the drive. This is being done through their Unchartered Football.

Since then enormous strides have been made, which has included the announcement of former Premier League star Dave Kitson as manager, as well as Charlie Pomroy of Angkor City as national coach.

Their aim is to not only set up a local system, but also get the nation to play its first ever match.

Why are Young Pioneer Tours sponsoring the Nauru national team?

We have decided to sponsor the Nauru national football team for a number of reasons. Firstly, we have a rich history in sponsoring people such as CONIFA, as well as teams in Zanzibar and Cambodia. This is partly through passion, but also part of our own corporate social responsibility goals with regards to giving back to the community.

And it to these ends that we are very happy to be doing this in Nauru and often maligned country that we personally feel a strong affinity for. It is our hope that through this program the people of Nauru can benefit.

For us we also get to be on the back of the Nauru shirt,, which is being sponsored on the front by global fashion brand Giordano.

We are now exited for the next step, having said shirts being available to the public….

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