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Will there be a travel passport after all?

Will there be a travel passport after all? As travel has slowly started to resume there has been constant talk of a travel passport, something us and indeed others in the industry have been clamoring for, but alas this has not only not happened yet, but as things stand probably looks unlikely, at least as one formal unified travel document.

What has stopped the travel passport?

Will there be a travel passport after all
Will there be a travel passport after all

There are many reasons why this has not come to pass, but essentially and despite what conspiracy theorists might say there really is no centralized world government, with neither the United Nations (UN), or World Health Organization (WHO) holding as much sway as what most people realize. In this instance this is particularly true with regards to the WHO, which we will delve into more later.

Is my vaccine valid for travel?

Many countries have, or are opening to vaccinated tourists, but vaccinated tourists is defined by what a government deems as vaccinated, rather than there being a world standard. For example Canada are planning to open to vaccinated tourists by October, but only ones who have received the western made vaccines, therefore Sinophac, which has WHO approval is not included.

Other countries and regions, such as Iraqi Kurdistan will accept any vaccine, including the Russian made Sputnik, although what is viewed as “proof of vaccination” differs greatly from country to country. The paper vaccine cards in Cambodia which detail our receiving of Sinovac are not likely to be of much use for travel in the short to long-term.

On the other end of this scale the UK will only accept vaccines that have been administered by the National Health Service (NHS). This feels and is a little ridiculous, but is also something could be avoided if there were to be some kind of unified vaccine passport, something the UK have said they are not in favor of. So essentially the question of if your vaccine is valid for travel depends on reciprocity and a whole heap of other factors. The Delta/Indian variant as well as other variants has also thrown more problems into the mix, with countries all essentially setting their own rules

How do I know if my vaccine is valid for travel?

Another very difficult question to answer and sadly one which seems to change at the whims of governments. We have personally made our own travel advisory, but it is just that an advisory, with the only real way to know being to check with your home country and the country you wish to visit. UK travelers for example can happily go to France, but will need to vaccine on return.

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Will there be a travel passport after all?

What seemed like a given just months ago now looks much less likely as countries go at their own paces and rules with regards to opening up. Even the EU has failed to make its “Green Pass” a thing yet, with countries lie Cyprus making their own pre-travel pass.

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So, for now at least we have to wait and when you plan to travel do the research throughly yourself, things change rapidly including when people are in mid-air. Travel companies will not be liable for governments flip-flopping on things.

Where can I travel now?

Again it depends where you are from, where you want to go and a whole heap of other factors, so there is genuinely no one size fits all answer. You can though check out our international tours, see what fits and then see if the logistics work.

Sadly while travelers got better, we still live in a complicated world.

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