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Where should YPT go in 2024?

Every year since YPT was founded in 2008 – we have ran a poll asking YOU where should YPT go next? This has led us to many new destinations from Antarctica to our beloved Least Visited Countries Tour, and many in between.

With this in mind we have taken your suggestions from our Facebook to make the ultimate online poll. The rules are relatively easy, the destination with the most votes will be the one we run.

Where should YPT go in 2024?

From what was suggested on Facebook there were a lot of cracking ideas, not all sadly will get to make the vote. Sealand we have already answered, while North Sentinel Island we should probably avoid.

Others while good suggestions have been moved to regions, such as West Africa Tours. 

Vote is split into two sections, regions and then specific tours. 

Where should YPT in 2024 – Some explainers.

Regions are self-explanatory, and consist of things like West Africa, and Central America among others. This means we start doing tours in this specific area. Nice and easy right?

The second section is more about specific places, such as Madagascar, or South Ossetia, although we will also have some listed on here, that would take in more than one country.

Where should YPT Go Regions?

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Where should YPT Go – New Tours

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