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Flag of Sealand

Introduction to the flag of Sealand

What is the flag of Sealand? Sealand, or to be more precise, The Principality of Sealand, is the most famous micronation in the world. And if you are going to be a nation, you need a flag. Here is the story of the flag of Sealand.

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The History of Sealand

We won’t go hugely into Sealand’s history, but it is essentially an old War War 2 Tower (Roughts Tower) that was in international waters. A canny British fella named Roy Bates declared it a sovereign nation, and 40+ years later, it snowed on its third prince. Whether the British like it or not, Sealand is here to stay.

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The Sealand Flag

The flag, as you will see from the image above, might look a little familiar. The flag itself is not dissimilar to the flags of Namibia, St Kitts and indeed, one of our favourite places, the Solomon Islands. Ironically the “independence” of Sealand predated all of these nations.

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The flag was designed in 1967, right when nationhood was proclaimed. The flag consists of a red portion, a black portion and a white line that splits through the middle.

What Does the Sealand Flag Mean?

The red represents Roy Bates and his family (the founder), the black his days doing Pirate Radio (namely Radio Essex), with the white line representing Sealand’s virtuous path.

Where Has the Sealand Flag Been Planted?

It was planted on Mt Everest, but we have something more impressive than that! Dean Karalakas planned the flag on our inaugural trip to Bir Tawil, as he happens to be a knight of Sealand.

And to make things even more quirky, Duchess Flo of Islandia visited Sealand and flew the flag of Islandia next to the flag of Sealand.

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And that is all you need to know about the flag of Sealand. It might not currently be possible to visit Sealand, but believe me, we are working on it.

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