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Where should Young Pioneer Tours go in 2024 – The Results

Just over a week ago we asked our Pioneers where YPT should go in 2024, and the results are not just in, but they have been quite a surprise. 

You can see the original poll here.

In it we split the vote into two categories, regional and country/tour, with everyone getting a vote. Well the regions were pretty close, but had two clear winners, but the county/tour one was very close to call…..

Vote on the regions

And the results were….

West Africa 31 percent 

Russian Federation 31 percent

Caribbean 13 percent

South America 8 percent 

Indian subcontinent 8 percent 

Central America 7 percent

So, a tie between West Africa and Russia, with Caribbean coming in a strong 3rd….

Vote for the tour

And the results are…..

Chechnya/Dagestan/South Ossetia 12 percent

Central African Republic 11 percent 

Kurdistan Combo 10 percent

Madagascar 10 percent

Caribbean Island Hopper 8 percent

South Georgia and Falkland Islands 8 percent

Chad 7 percent 

Rojava 7 percent

Fukushima 6 percent 

Sakhalin 6 percent

Pitcairn Islands 6 percent

Comoros 4 percent 

Tristan Da Cunha 4 percent

What does it mean?

We can read a lot into these answers, but first and foremost is that a majority of people are looking to travel to Russia again. This was something we avoided after the war began, but are now content to resume again.

As with everything at YPT our ethos is to operate governments from the people and to most importantly stay politically neutral in these kind of things. 

West Africa as well is a place that we have been looking at for a long and will now do, as that is what you Pioneers want.

The group tour votes were a little harder and indeed closer, but as Chechnya Dagestan and South Ossetia won, we have already started working on this tour in 2024.

And as for the others, we will not say exactly which ones, but we are already working on a number of them to add in 2024. And who knows, maybe even in line with North Korea opening.

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