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Western Sahara

YPT has an extensive network of contacts to take you to all Unrecognized Countries of the World. Africa has one of the biggest unrecognized country, which is actually recognized by more than 30 countries: Western Sahara or the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic.

Most of the country is under the administration of Morocco, with a thin line between Morocco and Mauritania as well as the border with Algeria under the control of the Polisaro or the army fighting for the independence of the country.

Our connections allow to organise tours both to the part which is administrated by Morocco but also to get up close to the Sahrawi administration in Algeria


Via Morocco, things are much simpler to visit Western Sahara. The region can be reached either by driving from Agadir, a nearby Moroccan beach vacation city which has daily connections with most of Europe or via Mauritania, driving up north from Nouadhibou and crossing into the No-man’s land. It is also possible to fly directly into Western Sahara as the two main cities of the region, Dakhla and Laayoune, both have international airports with some connections.

In this region, YPT can arrange tours, transportation, accommodation as well as guides and translators, contact us for a quote!

Polisaro-controlled region

The government of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic is currently in exile in Algeria. They are in the border town of Tindouf, from which access to the Polisaro-controlled region can sometimes be gained. Tindouf can be reached with domestic flights within Algeria.

This is a true adventure and definitely not a standardised trip. Nonetheless, YPT is able to facilitate trips to the border and depending on the current situation, sometimes more. We have access to guides as well as translators in the region

To visit Western Sahara, be sure to get in touch with us!