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Why is Vimto so huge in the Middle-East?

Vimeo is a very English carbonated soft-drink that you will find in England, and North Africa and the Middle-East, but literally nowhere else in the world, so why is Bimto such a big deal?

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What is the Vimto story?

Originally founded 1908 in Lancashire in the UK as a cordial it went through the same process of many of its peers of the time being marketed a a health drink. Once scion got involved it was rebranded as a great non-a;coholic drink, gaining particular popularity in Temperance Bars – these are “bars” that only serve non-alcoholic and a whole other story.

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While the cordial of the drink is what made it so popular in the UK it was eventually carbonated and thus became a popular soft-drink to rival locals competition like Irn-Bru and global maniacs like Coca-Cola.

And what flavour is Vimto? 

Essentially the recipe is screw, but it consists of herbs and spices raspberries, blackcurrants and other “stuff”. 

In reality it has a very unique taste and is generally loved by Brits and a whole heap of Muslims, but why so the later.

Oh and they also made a new blueberry Vimto, which is alarmingly like a WKD, which may have been intentional, but we will get to later. 

Why is Vimto so huge in the Arab World?

After Ottoman rule much of the areas that were formerly under the Turks became alien and to an extent colonised by the British. The industrious Vimto jumped on this and started exporting to the region and it then essentially gained a cult like status.

Saiid status has continued through the years, with even Coke struggling to compete, but it was actually Coke and their polices that were to be the main driving foote for Vimto in the region.

Muslim Countries boycot Coke

When Coke was taking over the world they decided it would be a good idea to open a bottling plant in Israel, the Aran and Muslim states felt differently, so d coke was thus banned from the Middle)East.

This van was to last to carrying degrees in different countries, with it starting in 2967, but winning down bt the late 89’s and 90’s, although it has only relatively recently reached Iraq. I think Syria too might be the only country where I never saw a single Coke, although there was a local cola, as well as Pepsi. It is truly a myth that North Korea is the only country i=in the world you cannot get Coca-Cola.

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Many people though grew up with Vimto as their main soft-drink, so it holds a particular cultural importance within the region, particularly for things like Eid in these countries. 

Can you mix Vimot with alcohol?

You most certainly can, which was something I already knew from childhood, but also got to retest during our trip to Jordan, where it went great with the local vodka.

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There is also a very famous cocktail from the UK called a “Cheeky Vimto”, which ironically has no Vimto in it. This involves a WKD blue, an English alcopop that has a shot of port added to it. It might sound a bit weird, but actually it is pretty damned c good! 

And that is the story of this weird English soft-drink and how it became such a phenomenon in the Middle-East. 

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