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Helicopter over Vanuatu

Vanuatu is one of our favourite parts of our Least Visited Countries Tour , not least for the Kava. We usually stay at the Hideaway Resort (more on that later), a resort on an island basically, and one that also has an underwater post office – that in itself probably deserves its own blog!

One of the things we like to offer our Pioneers is the chance to fly over an active volcano. We had planned this very trip for one of our more intrepid Pioneers, only to find out at the last minute that it would not be possible due to a lack of numbers. I was also stumped for ideas, but dead set on my guy Artan not missing the opportunity.

Eventually, and while the rest of the Pioneers were hiking up to a beautiful waterfall, we found a helicopter that could take us to a dormant volcano, while flying over some quite cool stuff! The only catch? It would need two people. Never one to let a comrade down, I paid the extra, and we headed off on a helicopter ride.

To get the helicopter (which was based on the sea), we took a glass-bottomed boat before we were told to “get on the chopper.”

And off we duly went! The first thing we went to “see” was our hotel, and the islands it was on. I’m sure you will agree our Arial photography really does the place justice! We were also lucky enough to be able to see the rest of our Pioneers at the top of the hill at the waterfall.

We “parked” near the old volcano, and got out for a view of the island of Tanna, one of the more legendary of Vanuatu, took in the scenery, took some photos, and then headed back via the untouched jungle of Vanuatu, before even flying over the airport of Port Vila, which in itself was a true highlight.

We then headed into Port Vila for lunch before heading back to our tropical island hotel that we had viewed from above, not 30 minutes before.

I only got to go because we didn’t want to let our customer down. We like to think of YPT as more of a community than a faceless company.

If you decide to visit Vanuatu with us in 2021, we will be offering the helicopter trip as an extra that you can take.

See you in Vanuatu; there really are worse places to spend a few days in January!

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