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Ultimate Nauru Travel Guide


As the least visited country on the planet, you will find scant travel information online about visiting Nauru. It is so off the beaten track than not even Lonely Planet has a Nauru section.

YPT has now been running tours to Nauru for 4 years, so have decided to put together the Ultimate Nauru Travel Guide!

Nauru Travel Guide

Visa to Nauru

Pretty much all nationals require a visa to enter Nauru, with the odd random exception such as the big donors of Russia. Visa applications are done online and you do not need to submit your passport. Of course if you book a tour with us then we deal with everything!

For more information on getting a Nauru visa click here.

Getting into Nauru

Bar stowing away on a container ship the only way to get into Nauru is via the twice weekly Nauru airlines flight. Nauru airlines are the only airline that fly to Nauru.

To check out their website click here.

To see what it is like to fly with Nauru Airlines click here.

What to See and Do in Nauru?

There are not all that many countries in the world where you can literally list every tourist attraction, but Nauru is one of them!

  • Visit the Nauru Parliament – there are not guided tours here, but the staff are friendly enough to show you around
  • World War 2 Relics – There’s an old Japanese prison, a gun and lots of Japanese bunkers
  • Urban Exploration in Nauru – There’s lots of abandoned buildings related to the old phosphate industry
  • Walk around Nauru – OK, so this is clearly well-known, but you can walk around the whole country in a few hours
  • Go fishing – You can rent fishing boats from Cappelle supermarket
  • Swim at Anabare Bay – Literally the only place in Nauru that you are able to swim
  • The Nauru pub crawl! – One of the only countries you can pub crawl in a day. See more here.
  • Buada Lagoon – Really pretty and worth a look, although no swimming or anything else to do here.

Hotels in Nauru

There are literally 4 hotels in Nauru!

  • Hotel Menem/Hotel Nauru – Absolutely wonderful place! You kind of stay in shipping containers, but they have a shop. good food, a club and a swimming pool!
  • Od’n Aiwo Hotel – The second most popular hotel, rooms are so-so, but they have a bar out back that is popular for its pokeys. The restaurant here is pretty good.
  • Hotel Budapest – The best rooms of any hotel, but there is literally nothing here. Do not stay here.
  • Cappelle – The main supermarket now rents out rooms. I have yet to check it out, but supposedly very nice. No bar, but supermarket is here.

Eating and drinking in Nauru

Aside from the 140 bad Chinese restaurants there are essentially 4 bars/restaurants in Nauru.

  • Bayview Nauru – Probably the best food and cocktails on the island. Varied menu from curries to burgers. Walking distance to Hotel Menem.
  • Hotel Menem – The restaurant here serves a mixed bunch of western food. You can arrange breakfast here. There is a nightclub in the hotel that opens every day bar Sunday and public holidays. This is the social life of Nauru.
  • Jules Deck Bar – Great sunset views and a really nice vibe. Eclectically opens whenever they fancy. No food, but occasional live music.
  • Od’n Aiwo Hotel – Crap bar with pokeys and pool table. The independent restaurant here is pretty good.
  • Anabare Restaurant – Directly next to Bayview, technically a Chinese restaurant, but serves western food and a good rum and coke!

Getting out of Nauru

Again, baring a boat trip you will be flying out of Nauru! It is connected to the Marshall Islands, Kiribati, Solomon Islands and Brisbane.

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