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Our Top Five Wackiest Tours for 2018

At YPT, we specialise in travel to places that your mother would rather you stayed away from. But, in order to prove we’re not all mouth and no trousers, here is a run-down of five of our weirdest and most wonderful tours!

5: Skiing in Iran

When we think of the Middle-East we probably think of sand, heat and desert. So, it comes as quite the surprise when people realize you can ski in Iran. In fact, not only do they have snow (quite useful for a skiing industry), but they have great slopes and facilities. Don’t believe us? Then join us in January.



4: Nepal Peoples War Tour

It doesn’t get much more YPT than taking a destination famous for trekking, nature, mountains and temples, and turning into a Maoist Adventure. So yeah, we get it, Nepal is very much on the beaten track. But our tour is whacky!

3:  Cutud Lenten Rites Tour

I’m sure if you Google’d “watching people get nailed in the Philippines”, our tour would not be the first search result, but that is exactly what we do here. Some Catholics like to have themselves nailed to the cross at Easter to show their devotion. We go to watch, and then do other cool stuff.

2:  Papua New Guinea

PNG, as the cool kids call it, still has cannibals. That’s a fact. It also has one of the most dangerous capital cities in the world, as well as more languages and undiscovered tribes than any other country on earth. It is therefore a great place for a YPT jollyup!


1: Somaliland, Eritrea, and Socotra combo

So, Somaliland is an unrecognised country that is separate from the rest of Somalia, that is a failed state. Eritrea is a one-party state called Africa’s North Korea, and Socotra is an unreachable eco-paradise belonging to Yemen. Thus: our wackiest three weeks we have ever offered!

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