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Taking the train in Colombo – YPT Research Trip

At YPT you occasionally get to do a research trip, I was recently lucky enough to do two, our initial public trip into Ukraine and then to Sri Lanka, where I decide taking the train in Colombo would be one of my “things”.

In fact taking the train in general is not just very YPT, but very me. I have taken the train in many countries, love a sleeper, and even took one in Ukraine during the current conflict.

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My Great Train Journeys

Number one would have to be the Trans-Siberian, but I have also taken epic trips in Moldova, Vietnam, China and Thailand. In fact I often take the train from Thailand to Cambodia when I am returning home to the Kingdom.

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Therefore the moment I saw my hotel was literally right next to the beach and that trains came every 30 minutes, or so, I mace the choice that this would happen.

Planning my route

This was relatively easy as Josh Cahill, who is Sally a flight expert happens to live in Colombo, He lives it turns out 40 minutes from where I was staying, via train (15 minutes by car) and the journey was set.

Getting the ticket was easy and literally cost 7 cents USD, waiting 40 minutes in the blistering heat was less so. I watched a few trains pass that were literally full to the rafters, but thankfully when my train arrived it was not so full.

What is it like taking the train in Colombo?

Quite frankly a cheap, reelable and frankly beautiful experience. I had my own seat an open window and simply marveled as drove along the beautiful beaches of the capital snaking along as only you can from the viewpoint of a train.

I resisted smoking on the train, although a you could literally hang out of the window it would not have been an issue.

And then I arrived at Colombo central station, an old colonial type trains station which in part reminded me of London Bridge in the UK, except you could literally walk over the tracks.

Sad as it is I stayed there for 20 minutes, before finally going to meet Josh and get some very interesting up to date new on what was happening with North Korean flights

And the million dollar question, will YPT start running tours to Sri Lanka? We are certainly looking into it, so keep an eye on on our Worldwide Adventures.

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