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The Sun’s North Korea world exclusive grabs the headlines

The recent report by the Sun newspaper in the UK about 2 reporters that snuck into the DPRK allegedly through British company Lupine Travel not only shows some truly piss poor reporting, but does not represent tourism in the DPRK. For that, you truly have to go in and see it with your own eyes.

Nor were they “risking their own lives” Going to the DPRK is not actually that hard, we took 200 people last year, did they risk their own lives? The reality is that it only reinforces the Norths distrust of western media (because so much of what was said was just not true), and makes it frankly impossible to bring in regular journalists.

For example, they mention “chewing gum as currency” when a tourist in the DPRK you can use multiple currencies. In some shops, if they, for example, did not 5 cents as change you might be offered chewing gum instead. Big deal. I was in the Philippines last month, if they didn’t have a change, they just rounded it up. But where is the story in that?

News International as the UK media representative.

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