Young Pioneer Tours

Winner of 2012 Free trip to DPRK!

Our prize draw for free trip to DPRK, plus other discounts has been announced! And listed as follows!

1) Free trip to DPRK (2012) – David McCarthy
2) %50 off any tour 2012 (Full price) – Joachim Tam
3) 200 Euro off any tour 2012 (excluding Transnistria) – Mohamad Taufiq Morshidi
4) 100 Euro off any tour – Nidia Solis
5) Signed picture of Gareth, looking sexy – Toby Lior Carmel
1) Will Worley
2) Martin Gardner
3) Paul Kinsella
4) Sarah Jeong
5) Tse Equality Chu

People have a month to claim their prize, if not then it moves down to next person. Sorry to all of those that did not win. Same again next year!

If people do not claim their prize within one month then their prize moves down to the next person!

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