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Where to stay in Hadibo, Socotra, Yemen: Socotra Tourism Hotel

  • The lobby of the socotra hotel
  • Rooms of the Socotra Hotel
  • The reception of Socotra Hotel

Hadibo is the main city of Socotra and currently the only place where foreigners can find accommodation that is not camping or homestays. At the moment, the city only has two hotels which can be used. Those two hotels are right next to each other. This article is about the budget option of Socotra: Socotra tourism hotel, often abbreviated as Socotra Hotel.

Socotra Hotel is the budget accommodation in the city of Hadibo and you get what you pay for, and not much more.

The facilities

There are not much in terms of facilities, the hotel has rooms and a fridge with cold drinks in the reception. Laundry cannot be done here.

The rooms

The rooms are spartan but ok. Not much furniture, a TV, AC, a fan and one or two beds. It does the trick really. Every room is quite different, with the furniture varying from one room to the other. You won’t find toilet paper or shampoo/soap in your room so better bring your own!

Some rooms are twin rooms, other are single rooms, every room has a washroom with a working (cold) shower en-suite.

The location

Hadibo isn’t very big, so location doesn’t matter much but even then, Socotra hotel is quite well located, nearby markets and the biggest mosque of Hadibo (that means an early morning call to prayer…)

The verdict

It is what it is and people coming to Socotra certainly shouldn’t expect to be lounging here. Socotra is best enjoyed camping on terrific beaches or on top of the Dixsam plateau but again, sleeping on a real bed once in a while and having a shower are certainly things that can be seen as a god send after a few successive days of camping. Those who want a bit more comfort might be tempted to spend a bit more and stay at the neighbouring hotel, Summerland Hotel.

You won’t find this hotel on accommodation booking websites so let YPT take care of your accommodation in Socotra by joining our next tour there!

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