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Hotels of North Korea: Rakrang Hotel


The Rakrang Hotel is located on the Taedong River in Rakrang District, opposite Ssuk Island where the Sci-Tech Complex is located.

The four floor hotel opened in 2010 to domestic Korean travellers and long term Chinese businessmen. The hotel extended its service to foreign visitors in 2018. Its unique location north of Tongil street and south of the Taedong River makes this hotel an excellent choice for people wishing to stay off the beaten path during their stay in North Korea.

Rakrang Hotel Facilities

Rakrang Hotel features all the facilities you would expect from a modern hotel (minus WiFi), and there is plenty of options to keep you entertained and relaxed after a long day of touring.

Bars – There are two bars located in the Rakrang Hotel. The first one is in the main restaurant on the first floor. They have bottled beer, Soju and can make up fairly decent but expensive cocktail. The coffee shop on the first floor also doubles as a bar in the evening. They have bottled Taedonggang beers, soju and various bottles of import liquor for sale, including whiskey and vodka.

Restaurants – The Rakrang Hotel features multiple restaurants serving up Korean food. The main restaurant as well does a traditional Korean performance from time to time.

Barber shop and beauty salon – both located on the second floor

Coffee shop – Located to the right of the reception desk is a decent coffee shop that can serve up all the classics, including lattes, espresso, mochas and americanos.

Karaoke – The Karaoke room has Chinese, Korean and English songs available.

Massage parlour – The massage parlour in the Rakrang Hotel offers massages starting from 20 euros or 150RMB. Appointments are required.

Sauna – The sauna is located on the lower floor. Perfect for relaxing after a long day of touring.

Outdoor BBQ Area

The Rakrang Hotel’s highlight is the outdoor BBQ area on the river bank of the Taedong River. If you would like to have a meal here, simply ask your local Korean guides, and they can prepare fresh meat, seafood and drinks. A great way to take in a sunset and bond with your local guides.

Even if you are not staying at the Rakrang Hotel, but would like to have BBQ here, simply let us know during the booking process, and we can arrange this for you.

Rakrang Hotel Rooms

The Rakrang Hotel rooms are spacious, clean, comfortable and some of the most modern in Pyongyang. Hot water is available 24/7 and the rooms feature a full range of amenities, including flat-screen TVs with access to English, Chinese, Russian and Korean programming. The rooms are heated during winter and have air conditioning to keep the rooms cool during summer.

Staying at the Rakrang Hotel

The hotel is usually full of long-term guests and therefore is not always available. Your best chance of staying here is during the Lunar New Year’s celebrations when these guests often return home to China. There are rooms available periodically throughout the year, however, so simply get in touch with us, and we can help arrange your stay at the Rakrang Hotel.


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