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Pyongyang Friendship Hospital

If you are for whatever reason unlucky enough to have an accident or get sick in North Korea, you may be required to visit the Pyongyang Friendship hospital, the hospital set up to deal with foreigners in Pyongyang. I consider myself one of the experts on the Friendship Hospital of Pyongyang as one of the few foreigners to have actually had to stay here!

The Pyongyang Friendship Hospital was initially built back in 1986 as the main hospital for the foreign, diplomatic, and ex-pat community of Pyongyang (yes it does exist), and is situated in the diplomatic area of North Korea, near the Random Access Club.

It is quite a modern hospital with staff that are well trained and speak English. For minor medical conditions, there are doctors situated in most hotels that cater to foreigners. You are unlikely to have to go to the Pyongyang Friendship Hospital.

One essential note, though, is that while medical care is free for citizens of North Korea, it is not free for foreigners! Bills can run into the thousands, and while we insist our customers have insurance, regardless of who you travel with to North Korea, please ensure you are insured. For those travelling with us to North Korea, we can arrange insurance as part of your booking; please contact us for more information.

As for my own “stay” here, it was back in 2009 when I broke my foot and had to be treated at the foreigner’s hospital in Pyongyang.

The story of this could — and indeed should — merit its own blog (or chapter in my book) one day. But to cut a long story short: my treatment at the Pyongyang Friendship Hospital was impeccable, and the staff treated me exceptionally well during my time at the hospital (as did the British Embassy in Pyongyang), and I honestly cannot fault them.

No one likes a visit to the hospital, but in a worst-case scenario, Pyongyang has the facilities to look after you if the worst happens.

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