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Filming in places your mother would rather you stayed away from


At Young Pioneer Tours we are pleased to the be the company that pushes the envelope when it comes to travel, taking people to, as we say, “places your mother would rather you stayed away from”.

Now, whilst this is our main bread and butter, it was not long before people approached us about filming in these locations, such as North Korea!

Can you film in North Korea?

We have done a more detailed blog about this, which you can read here and we have previously brought in many groups to film in the country, such as TVB from Hong Kong.

Can you film in other locations?

YPT visit a lot of different locations, so it is not easy to give one blanket answer, but essentially from Turkmenistan to Eritrea, even in the most difficult of places things are always possible, although that is not the same as easy!

Current projects

Whilst coronavirus has brought filming the world over to somewhat of a standstill we have still been approached about facilitating projects as diverse from filming in Bir Tawil to the least visited countries of the Pacific islands. Things might be closed as things stand, but that also means it is one of the best times to start planning for places that take a long time to to arrange the logistics for.

Film location specialists

Obviously our primary objective with YPT is tourism, which is why in 2017 we’ve helped found the film location company Pioneer Media. Through Pioneer Media we either visited, or resisted a number of YPT destinations that we felt could be interesting to the wider film community. Check out their Youtube channel!

Pioneer Media projects

To get a full feel for the numerous Pioneer projects check out their link here, but we have filmed numerous travel based videos in the Pacific Islands, such as filming in Tuvalu and Kiribati, as well as providing location services for a number of movies, such as the remake of the iconic film Castle Freak in 2019.

The world will only be closed for so long, and when it opens people will be desperate for new projects and we aim to be there to help.

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