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Filming in North Korea

Whilst it is illegal for journalists to travel to North Korea in an undercover capacity, filming in NOrth Korea is allowed with the correct permissions – as the Michael Palin’s trip, facilitated by Koryo Tours, attests to.

Filming in North Korea Past Projects

At Young Pioneer Tours, we have a storied and unique history in facilitating media trips to the DPRK. In 2013 we brought the blogger Overland TV into North Korea to do a segment on the country, and in 2015 we brought the Hong Kong broadcaster TVB to do a travel show on North Korea.

Outside of North Korea we have been involved in producing movies in a great many diverse places, from the Inner Mongolian ghost city of Kangbashi in China, to the shores of the Adriatic in Albania.

Filming in North KoreaI

Can you do guerilla film making in North Korea?

Everyone has seen Vice, or the numerous other “secret” North Korean documentaries. Not only have these very much been done to death, but they also potentially bring danger to both fellow guests and your guides. We do not facilitate this kind of thing and will throw people off a trip of we believe they are doing so.

Filming in North Korea – The Pyongyang Film Festival

Less a place you film and more a time to go and watch movies We arrange tours that coincide with the Pyongyang Film Festival of course when it is open,,,,

You can read about the Pyongyang Film Festival here.

Filming in North Korea with Pioneer Media

t was through these projects that we entered into the joint venture of Pioneer Media, the aim of which was to be the mirror to Young Pioneer Tours on the filming front.

“Filming in destinations your mother would rather you stayed away from”: it may not actually be as simple as that, but our position at the forefront of adventure travel and our contacts in some of the hardest places to reach on earth does leave us uniquely positioned to offer shooting locations that others quite simply do not have access to.

It is with this in mind that we’re able to guarantee that, for the right project and the right applicants, North Korea is very much open for business when it comes to filming on location there. Nobody is better positioned to facilitate this – at the best possible price.

Filming in North Korea in 2024

North Korea is currently closed to tourists, as well as business travelers. This means it is currently impossible to film in North Korea. We hope this is a situation that will change soon.

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