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Watching the Piakona Show in Mount Hagen

While visiting Mt Hagen is traditionally done for the Mount Hagen festival there are also a number of other events and peripheral celebrations worth seeing, one of which id the Piakona show.

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What is the Pakora Show?

Located atop of a beautiful mountain with stunning views, the Piakona Show like a slimmed down version of the Mount Hagen Festival, similar in many respects, but also very different in size, interaction and what you get to do there.

In essence while it lacks the pomp and ceremony of the main event, it is also personable and a great complement to Mount Hagen show.

The surroundings for the Piakona Show

Located in a village atop a mountain, as mentioned this is prime village lifestyle. The views are great and it is home to one of the tribes who host the event. Italy has a much smaller venue than the main festival, with a field, a viewing area and space for people to sell stuff. 

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This relaxed atmosphere allows for much more waling around and seeing pople get ready than you can at the main event and the safety level is very much appreciated.

What can you do at The Piakona Show?

Basicallyy this show is all about tje lead up to the main event, with you being able to around and take pictures with the participants, see then get ready and even have your face painted. This was something we had already done (many of us still had not gotten the paint off). 

It was also a great place to buy souvenirs, again much cheaper than at the Mount Hagen festival where you are largely treated as cash cow.

I also personally got to try something called “bruce which was tobacco wrapped in a newspaper that you then smoke. Very cheap and not exactly B&H, but worth a try!

And they have Mumu!

OK, so real mumu involves seeing a pig getting beaten to death, but this was a more PG version. It was lamb and we did not see the animal get slaughtered, which was nice. 

We did though get to see it cooked in the traditional way, underground with hot stones – which was then enjoyed via a very well placed and organised buffet. 

Overall do not compare this with the main event, the Piakona Show is its own small thing, much more cozy and a great place to take time with your pictures

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