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North Korean Holiday Guide : The Day of the Shining Star

On February 16th North Korean’s celebrate “The Day of the Shining Star” which is the birthday of General Kim Jong Il (Born February 16th, 1942). The Day of the Shining Star is one of North Korea’s largest celebrations and a perfect time to visit the country.

Day of the Shining Star became a national holiday in North Korea in 1982, and the celebration lasts for two days throughout the entire country. The name of the holiday “Day of the Shining Star” comes from the North Korean story that when General Kim Jong Il was born a bright star shone lone in the sky.

What Happens on Day Of The Shining Star?

North Koreans often begin the day with a visit to the Mansudae Grand monuments to pay respects to their leaders. It is also common for North Koreans to visit and tour locations of significance to General Kim Jong Il on this date. There are also a bunch of celebrations and festivities that happen around Pyongyang and the country including Mass Dancing, Special musical performances, Fireworks and the Kimjongilia Flower Exhibition hall is in full bloom.

Click here to have a sneak preview of Day of The Shining Star celebrations.

How can I attend the Day of the Shining Star in North Korea?

Travelling to North Korea around the Day of the Shining Star is undoubtedly a unique experience.

Every year we organize our Kim Jong Il Birthday Tour, which is the most affordable package to get you into North Korea, celebrate the holiday and visit the historical city of Kaesong and the DMZ. It is also possible to extend your adventure in North Korea with any of our tour extensions.

  • Our group standing in front of a mural of the leaders of the DPRK
  • Monument to the reunification charters
  • A Kimjongilia exhibition for the Day of the Shining Star
  • A Kimjongilia exhibition for the Day of the Shining Star
  • Mass Dances organised to celebrate the Day of the Shining Star

We can also arrange Independent Travel to North Korea around this holiday with local guides fluent in a variety of different languages.

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