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Guide to the holidays in North Korea: New Year’s Day

A common question we often receive here at YPT is: Do North Koreans celebrate New Year’s Day on January 1st like many other places in the world? The answer is yes, and it is without a doubt one of our favourite holidays to spend in the country.

How is New Years celebrated in North Korea?

The celebrations, of course, begin on December 31st with an epic New Years eve display. Pyongyangites (and tourists!) descend and pack into Kim Il Sung Square to see an Ice Sculpture show as well as a dazzling fireworks performance complete with an LED light show and concert performance

For North Korean watchers abroad New Years Day is also significant as Marshal Kim Jong Un delivers his yearly New Years address which outlines the countries direction and policy for the year ahead. This annual address for a period of time after it is delivered becomes the focus of the attention of the nation being played on tv and printed in newspapers.

For Korean citizens, New Years is a public holiday, and most people have the day off. Due to the cold weather outside Pyongyang city does not experience the massive migration of families to the local parks to drink, bbq and dance on New Years Day as typical of other holidays, so most people stay at home with their families and take the chance to clean or recover from the night before.

Check out this video of YPT Celebrating New Year’s eve in Kim Il Sung Square.

How can I partake in the New Year’s celebrations in Pyongyang?

We expect New Year’s eve to be spectacular this year with 2019 heading into 2020. YPT has planned two tours to take you into the DPRK and have one of the most unique New Year’s experiences you will ever have.

New Years Eve Party Tour – Our 5 Night 6 Day Tour will have you seeing everything Pyongyang has to offer, The DMZ and of course the chance to ring in 2020 with over 100,000 people in Kim Il Sung square. We have also arranged for the unique opportunity to have an Ariel tour of Pyongyang in a Soviet Mil – 17 helicopter.

New Years Eve Party Ultra Budget Tour – The absolute cheapest way possible to get in on the New Years eve action in North Korea! Take in all the highlights of Pyongyang city and have an unforgettable New Years Experience!

  • Fireworks over the Taedonggang river for New Year's celebrations in North Korea
  • Our group celebrating New Years alongside Koreans in Pyongyang
  • The crowds during New Years eve celebrations in Pyongyang
  • New Year's fireworks
  • Having beers during New Years in Pyongyang
  • The stage of the New Years eve show in North Korea

Please do not hesitate to contact us to secure your spot on tour.

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