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North Korean Cheerleaders

That North Korean Cheerleaders remix might not be ours, but it is truly worth some credits

PyeongChang 2018 was the last winter Olympics to be held. It was also, of course, the first time since Seoul in 1988 that Olympics had been held on the Korean peninsula.

Intra-Korean relations are often characterized by the negatives between the countries, with Seoul 1988 Olympics being a huge example of the differences between and competition from the rival Korean governments. 2018 was to be different though.

The story of the Olympics in Seoul deserves its own write-up, but to cut short, it pitted the neighboring countries in great competition with each other. The net result being North Korea boycotting the games. Even buildings like the Ryugyong Hotel are contemporary reminders of the rivalry at the time.

For 2018, though, there was not only to be no boycott but north and south were due to even field a unified team for the women Ice Hockey event. the excitement was not to stop there…

The North Korean Cheerleaders

North korean cheerleaders

As well as the top brass of North Korea, such as Kim Yo-Jong, the sister of Marshal Kim Jong-Un, a huge team of cheerleaders went to Pyeongchang from the north to cheer on the team.

Lots of smack was talked about the cheerleaders, such as their presence simply being propaganda from Pyongyang, but the truth of the matter is that these girls absolutely stole the show!

The show put on by the girls was unique and their synchronized routines certainly made it a key memory of these games. However, in fact, it was far from the first time the north have sent cheerleaders over the DMZ.

Previous collaborations include a 288-member group at the 2002 Asian Games in Busan and a 306-member group during the 2003 Summer Universiade in Daegu. The most recent was a group 125-cheerers at the 2005 Asian Athletics Championships in Incheon/Seoul.

Who were these girls?

Again another point that people like to talk smack about, but they are most likely beautiful girls elected from the universities of Pyongyang. I personally have seen enough American high school movies to realize that getting on the cheerleaders team you need to be hot and tall. This is not uniquely North Korean…

And that is the story of the North Korean cheerleaders who stole the show at the Olympics!

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