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North Korea Business Tours

Introduction to North Korea business tours and business in DPRK

Due to the fact that North Korea is currently under some of the most repressive sanctions in the world, it might not exactly be the first country you would consider doing business. In fact there are a number of economic areas not only not covered by sanctions, but in which North Korea actively engages with the outside world.

With this in mind Young Pioneer Tours can arrange group and independent travel either for those interested in doing business in the country, or merely learning how industry works in a socialist state.

North Korea Educational and Business Tours

Our North Korean educational and business tours are tailor made towards different demographics.

  • Student trips to North Korea  – We can arrange school trips for students of all ages up to university level. With these trips the itinerary can be heavily modified towards the students curriculum.
  • Business interest trips – For adults interested in entering the world of import/export, or doing business in North Korea. We can offer tailor made trips, inclusive of meetings etc. Due to our extensive level of contacts we can arrange visits to factories and enterprises  tailored to your specific needs. 

Group Business and Educational Tours

We currently offer two business three tours related to business in North Korea.

All of these tours can be done independently as per the itinerary, or tailor made to your specific needs. They can also be combined with our business of China tour.

What is it like to take a business trip to North Korea?

Taking a business trip to North Korea is both similar and many ways quite different from taking a normal tour to North Korea. Similarities are that you do not have full autonomy to just go where you want and that you will still have two guides to assist you. These guides though will not be from KITC, but instead have some involvement in business.

Differences though are that you will have much more autonomy than if you are on a North Korean business tour than a tourism trip. This is particularly the case if you are on a business visa to North Korea.

You will of course also be involved in a lot more meetings, which in the DPRK involve a fair bit of eating, drinking and schmoozing. Another perhaps too is that the trip will usually be much less intense, with there being a fir bit more “down town”, rather than early morning trips to touist attractions.

North Korean Trade Fairs

There are a number of trade fairs held in North Korea each year in Pyongyang, Rason and elsewhere. We can arrange tours tailored around all of these events. 

You can read more about North Korean trade fairs here.

North Korean Business Visas

Generally speaking our business interest tours would enter on a tourist visa (which YPT handle in its entirety), although if a business visa id required then YPT can help facilitate this.

YPT Business Services

If you are looking to do trade, or invest in the DPRK then YPT can arrange North Korea business tours to not just fit your schedule, but also help arrange the right meetings with the right business people in North Korea.

For more information check out our North Korea Tours, or get in touch for a consultation.