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China Educational and Business Tours

Introduction to China

Since the open-door policy of Deng Xiaoping in 1979 China has developed from a backwater country into a global superpower. Poised to become the strongest economy in the world, and already an industrial powerhouse. Chances are if you bought something it was made in China.

With this in mind there really isn’t a more interesting time to learn about how products are made and exported.

China Educational and Business

Our Chinese Educational and business tours are tailor made towards different demographics.

  • School trips to China – We can arrange school trips for students of all ages up to university level. With these trips the itinerary can be heavily modified towards the students curriculum.
  • Business interest trips – For adults interested in entering the world of import/export, or doing business in China we can offer tailor made trips, inclusive of meetings etc. Due to our extensive level of contacts we can arrange visits to factories and enterprises that fir your specific needs. 

Group Business and Educational Tours

We currently offer one group Chinese business and Educational Tour. This group tour fits both older students, and people looking to do business in China.

The tour features factory visits in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Yiwu, as well as visiting the largest wholesale market in the world. Namely Yiwu International Trade Market.

Click here to view the sample itinerary. This can be done as an independent business tour to China in its entirety, or edited to fir your specific needs. 

Chinese Trade Fairs

China famously hosts some of the world’s largest trade fairs such as the Worlds Fair in Guangzhou. With our contacts in China we can get you or your group VIP entry into many of these events. If you would like to plan a tour around a particular trade fair or exhibition in China, simple let us know.

North Korea Tour Extension

Due to tough sanctions, North Korea might not exactly be the first place that springs to mind when you think of doing business. In fact there are numerous business opportunities in the DPRK. A trip to North Korea is also fascinating from an educational point of view, simply due to how different the two socialist countries are. 

Chinese Visa

Getting a business visa for China tends to be a frilly straightforward affair, although we can provide visa assistance, or put you in touch with one of our trusted agents.