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Munsu Waterpark – DPRK Guide


Munsu Waterpark is the largest water park in North Korea, located in Munsu district of Pyongyang. It was opened December 2013 and is an incredibly popular tourist spot for both domestic and foreign tourists. This is one of the best places for foreign tourists to interact and mingle with local Koreans who are enjoying their time off.

Outside facilities

The outdoor section of Munsu Waterpark is open for the summer season from June till the end of September.

The outdoor section of the park comprises of around 15 waterslides each with their own unique layout. There is also a pool with 5m, 7.5m and 10m diving boards, as well as a lazy river which runs throughout the park and is a great place to relax on a floating tube. A wave pool is also located on the outside grounds of Munsu Water Park.

Check out this video below of YPT’s Matt enjoying Munsu Waterpark on our 2014 Liberation Day and Summer Tour:

Indoor Facilities

Munsu Waterpark has plenty of indoors activities which makes it a great place to visit all year round specially during the cold Korean winter.

Reception and Store

When arriving at Munsu Waterpark the first area you are greeted with is the reception desk and shop. If you would like to swim the reception desk is the place to go. There is also a small shop where you can buy very retro DPRK style swimmers.

Indoor Swimming Pool Area

The main attraction of Munsu Waterpark in the inside swimming section which is made up of several separate pools including a wave pool and two water slides.

Also located on the right-hand side of the swimming pool area is a Korean style sauna. This sauna is an extra charge and offers various health services if you would like to use it.

When it’s time to take a break from swimming there is a cafe on the ground floor that serves cold draft beer, hamburgers, hot dogs, fried chicken and a variety of Korean side dishes all for a very reasonable cost.

Second Floor

Located on the second floor of Munsu Waterpark are the following services:

  • Barbershop
  • Beauty salon
  • A cafe with some of Pyongyang’s finest coffee
  • Massage
  • Billiards
  • Draft beer bar
  • Swimming pool viewing deck

Other recreation activities

Being a fully equipped recreation center there is also a variety of other activities to take part in at Munsu Waterpark such as:

  • Two lane bowling alley
  • Indoor rock climbing
  • Gym
  • Volleyball courts
  • Trampolines
  • Basketball courts
  • Badminton courts

Visiting Munsu Waterpark and Tips

Munsu Waterpark is a staple on most our group tours to North Korea over four days in length particularly in Summer as it is a great place to take a breather from a fast-paced itinerary. Typically on our group tours we spend 2-3 hours at the park, but if you are an Independent tour to North Korea you can stay for as long as you like.

Some Practical tips for visiting:

  • Entry for swimming costs 80RMB or 10 euros per person and is inclusive of Korean style swimmers, soap, shampoo, locker and a towel.
  • Extra services such as massage or the barbers cost extra and can be paid for at the reception desk.
  • When you arrive at Munsu Water park one of the local guides can give you a tour of the entire facility if you like
  • The best time to visit and interact with local North Koreans is on Sunday or during one of the countries many national holidays as hordes of people will head to the park to enjoy their time off
  • Photography is permitted at the water park with the exception of the entrance where there is a wax statue of Kim Jong Il. Your local guides will remind you before you enter the park.

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