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How to Survive as a Vegan in Transnistria?

Transnistria is one of YPT’s favorite travel destinations. Over ten years ago, we took the first-ever great tour to the country and have been going back ever since. But how is it to survive as a vegan in Transnistria?

Transnistria Vegan

Transnistrian Cusine

Transnistria is a breakaway former Soviet Republic sandwiched between Moldova and Ukraine. It is populated by Russian, Ukrainian and Moldovan people and therefore, its cuisine is influenced from all of them.

What Is the Transnistrian Attitude Towards Vegans?

During poorer times, Soviet cities often went without meat, although this was definitely not by choice. Therefore the concept of someone who would not eat meat out of choice is a bit foreign. Butter and cheese are a big deal here, and is therefore very vegetarian friendly. This might be one of those places you decide to do a cheat week.

The one good thing about a country used to not having all that much meat is that they do eat quite a lot of vegetables. Nowadays, a lot of these dishes come with meat, but it is easy enough to order vegetable dishes. Bread is plentiful and good here, as is fruit, which makes vegan snacking in Transnistria quite easy.

Vegan Restaraunts in Tiraspol

There are no specific vegan restaurants as such, but plenty that do serve vegan dishes. Even 7 Fridays serves enough veggie dishes to offer some choice to non-meat eaters.

Touring Transnistria

If you join a YPT trip to Transnistria, it is best to inform your guide before departure on your culinary needs. As breakfasts tend to be provided, this will mean there is at least bread and jam available for vegans. Sheriff supermarkets are well stocked with things like nuts and fruit bars if you want to create a snack survival kit.

Overall not too hard to survive on a vegan diet in Transnistria.

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