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Monument to Party Founding

The Monument to Party Founding, also known as the Party Foundation Monument (당창건기념탑) is one of the most important political and touristic sites in Pyongyang City.

The monument consists of a towering hammer, sickle and writing brush in the middle which in order represent a worker, farmer and an intellectual, all symbols of the Workers Party of Korea.

The hammer, sick and writing brush are encircled by a round belt with a slogan that reads “Long live the Workers’ Party of Korea, which organizes and guides all the victories of the Korean people!”

( 조선인민의 모든 승리의 조직자이며 향도자인 조선로동당 만세 )

History of the Monument to Party Founding

Check out the video above of the Celebrations that took place on the 65th Anniversary of the Workers of Korea and Monuments 10th Anniversary

The Monument to Party Founding is situated on Munsu Street Pyongyang and was completed in October 1995 to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Worker’s Party of Korea.

The monument was ordered to be constructed by Kim Jong Il and the task was carried out by the Mansudae Art Studio and Paektu Architectural Academy.

Monument to Party Founding Symbolism

The Monument to Party Founding is chock-full of symbolism including:

  • Covering an area of 250 000㎡, it is 50 metres high, symbolic of the 50th birthday of the Workers Party of Korea.
  • The belt is made of 216 blocks and has an inner diameter of exactly 42 meters. These numbers represent the birthday of Kim Jong Il, who was born on 16th February (216) in 1942 (42 meters).
  • The pedestal of the round belt, 70 metres in diameter, symbolizes the long history of the WPK that took its root in the Down-with-Imperialism Union.
  • The Monument is located exactly 2.16 Kilometres away from the Mansudae Grand Monuments (Bronze Statues of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il) which is symbolic of Kim Jong Il’s Birthday which is February the 16th, or 02/16.
  • Located behind the monument are two symmetrical apartment blocks each with two characters of Korean text on the top. The Text forms the slogan “One hundred battles, one hundred victories” (백전백승).

Visiting The Party Foundation Monument

The Party Foundation Monument is a quintessential stop in the capital and is visited on every one of our North Korea Tours usually we visit the monument in the day time, but if you are on an Independent Tour it is possible to arrange a night visit to photograph the monument while it is illuminated.

Tips for visiting the Monument

  • Visting the Party Foundation Monument takes approximately around 30 minutes with a tour from the local guide
  • Directly behind the Party Foundation Monument is the Pyongyang Cultural Centre (평양문화전시관) It is possible to visit here, look at artwork and even purchase works by the Mansundae Arts Studio. It is also possible to the Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il Flower Exhibition hall from the Party Foundation Monument.
  • Smoking is not permitted near the monument. Smoking in the car park area is ok

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